Number in ECMAScript 262

Basic object.

Inherits from:

Instance Properties

name type description
constructor Object A reference to the constructor class for the current object instance. [from Object]
prototype Object The prototype for a class. [from Object]

Instance Methods

name returns description
hasOwnProperty(propertyOrMethodName) Boolean Determines if the object/instance itself has the named property or method. [from Object]
isPrototypeOf(instanceToTest) Boolean Determines if the calling object prototype is in the inheritance chain for the supplied argument. [from Object]
propertyIsEnumerable(propertyOrMethodName) Boolean Determines if the object/instance itself has a property or method of the supplied name which will appear in a for (prop in obj) enumeration. [from Object]
toExponential([fractionDigits]) String Return the number formatted in scientific notation, with one digit before the decimal point and a specified number of digits after.
toFixed([fractionDigits]) String Return the number formatted with a specified number of digits after the decimal point.
toLocaleString() String For most objects, the same as toString() unless explicitly overridden. [from Object]
toPrecision(precision) String Return the number as a string in either in fixed or exponential notation, with the specified number of digits.
toString() String Returns a string representation of the object. [from Object]
toString([radix]) String Return the number as a string converted to a specified base.
valueOf() String Returns the internal this value of the object. [from Object]


name object value description
MIN_VALUE Number 5e-324 The smallest value able to be stored in the Number object.
MAX_VALUE Number 1.8e+308 The largest value able to be stored in the Number object, approximately 1.7976931348623157e+308
NaN Number NaN Not a Number
NEGATIVE_INFINITY Number -∞ Negative Infinity
POSITIVE_INFINITY Number +∞ Positive Infinity

Properties that are a Number

name object description
_11 [anark] Matrix
_12 [anark] Matrix
_13 [anark] Matrix
_14 [anark] Matrix
_21 [anark] Matrix
_22 [anark] Matrix
_23 [anark] Matrix
_24 [anark] Matrix
_31 [anark] Matrix
_32 [anark] Matrix
_33 [anark] Matrix
_34 [anark] Matrix
_41 [anark] Matrix
_42 [anark] Matrix
_43 [anark] Matrix
_44 [anark] Matrix
a [svg] SVGMatrix
a [anark] Color Alpha/Opacity
a [pshop] LabColor the a-value (between -128.0 and 127.0)
align [svg] SVGPreserveAspectRatio
angle [svg] SVGTransform (read only)
angle [svg] SVGPathSegArcAbs
angle [svg] SVGPathSegArcRel
angle [pshop] BitmapConversionOptions (only valid for 'halftone screen' conversions)
animVal [svg] SVGAnimatedInteger (read only)
animVal [svg] SVGAnimatedEnumeration (read only)
animVal [svg] SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
attrChange [events] MutationEvent (read only)
autoLeadingAmount [pshop] TextItem percentage to use for auto leading
b [pshop] LabColor the b-value (between -128.0 and 127.0)
b [anark] Color Blue
b [svg] SVGMatrix
balance [anark] Sound Left-to-right balance of the sound.
balance [anark] Music Left-to-right balance of the audio.
balance [anark] Video Left-to-right balance of the audio.
baselineShift [pshop] TextItem baseline offset of text (unit value)
baseVal [svg] SVGAnimatedInteger
baseVal [svg] SVGAnimatedEnumeration
baseVal [svg] SVGAnimatedNumber
bitsPerChannel [pshop] Document number of bits for each channel (8 or 16)
black [pshop] CMYKColor the black color value (between 0.0 and 100.0)
blendMode [anark] Material Various ways to blend this material with the rest of the scene.
blue [pshop] RGBColor the blue color value (between 0.0 and 255.0)
brightness [pshop] HSBColor the brightness value (between 0.0 and 100.0)
brightness [anark] Light Maximum light level.
button [events] MouseEvent (read only) Which mouse button was pressed?
c [svg] SVGMatrix
cellIndex [html] HTMLTableCellElement (read only)
channelNumber [pshop] RawFormatOpenOptions number of channels in image
clientX [events] MouseEvent (read only)
clientY [events] MouseEvent (read only)
clipFar [anark] Camera Rear clipping plane distance.
clipNear [anark] Camera Front clipping plane distance.
code [dom] DOMException
code [events] EventException
code [svg] SVGException
colors [pshop] IndexedConversionOptions number of colors in palette (only settable for some palette types)
colors [pshop] GIFSaveOptions number of colors in palette (only settable for some palette types)
colorType [svg] SVGColor (read only)
cols [html] HTMLTextAreaElement
colSpan [html] HTMLTableCellElement
columnGutter [pshop] Preferences gutter of columns (in points)
columnWidth [pshop] Preferences width of columns (in points)
contextTime [anark] TimeContext Current time of the context.
contextType [anark] Asset Type of the TimeContext for this asset.
count [pshop] ActionDescriptor (read only) The number of keys contained in the descriptor
count [pshop] ActionList (read only) The number of items in the list
cssValueType [css] CSSValue (read only)
culling [anark] Material Type of culling to use.
currentScale [svg] SVGSVGElement
cursor [anark] Mouse Cursor type.
cursorOverride [anark] Mouse Override cursor type.
cyan [pshop] CMYKColor the cyan color value (between 0.0 and 100.0)
d [svg] SVGMatrix
desiredGlyphScaling [pshop] TextItem
desiredLetterScaling [pshop] TextItem
desiredWordScaling [pshop] TextItem
detail [events] UIEvent (read only)
ditherAmount [pshop] GIFSaveOptions amount of dither (only valid for diffusion 1-100%)
ditherAmount [pshop] IndexedConversionOptions amount of dither (only valid for diffusion 1-100%)
duration [anark] Sound (read only) Length in seconds.
duration [anark] Music (read only) Length in seconds.
dx [svg] SVGGlyphRefElement
dy [svg] SVGGlyphRefElement
e [svg] SVGMatrix
emissivePower [anark] Material Intensity of emmisive power.
endLifeTime [anark] Asset Ending time of the asset.
eventPhase [events] Event (read only) When/where did the event take place?
expFade [anark] Light Exponential fade-off speed.
f [svg] SVGMatrix
fillMode [anark] Material Controls solid/wireframe/point display.
fillOpacity [pshop] ArtLayer the interior opacity of the layer (between 0.0 and 100.0)
firstLineIndent [pshop] TextItem (unit value)
fogFar [anark] Camera Distance to fog 'white-out'.
fogNear [anark] Camera Distance to start of fog.
fov [anark] Camera Field of view.
freeMemory [pshop] Application (read only) Amount of unused memory available to Adobe Photoshop
frequency [pshop] BitmapConversionOptions (only valid for 'halftone screen' conversions)
g [anark] Color Green
gamutWarningOpacity [pshop] Preferences
green [pshop] RGBColor the green color value (between 0.0 and 255.0)
gridSubDivisions [pshop] Preferences
headerSize [pshop] RawFormatOpenOptions
height [anark] Image (read only) Height of the image.
height [anark] Layer Percentage height of the scene.
height [html] HTMLImageElement
height [pshop] RawFormatOpenOptions height of image (in pixels)
height [svg] SVGRect
height [pshop] Document (read only) height of document (unit value)
height [pshop] EPSOpenOptions height of image (unit value)
height [pshop] PDFOpenOptions height of image (unit value)
height [pshop] TextItem the height of paragraph text (unit value)
horizontalScale [pshop] TextItem horizontal scaling of characters (in percent)
hspace [html] HTMLAppletElement
hspace [html] HTMLObjectElement
hspace [html] HTMLImageElement
hue [pshop] HSBColor the hue value (between 0.0 and 360.0)
hyphenateAfterFirst [pshop] TextItem hyphenate after this many letters
hyphenateBeforeLast [pshop] TextItem hyphenate before this many letters
hyphenateWordsLongerThan [pshop] TextItem hyphenate words that have more than this number of letters
hyphenationZone [pshop] TextItem the hyphenation zone (unit value)
hyphenLimit [pshop] TextItem maximum number of consecutive hyphens
id [anark] Scene (read only) Unique ID for the scene.
id [anark] Asset (read only) Unique ID for the asset.
imageCacheLevels [pshop] Preferences
index [html] HTMLOptionElement (read only)
jpegQuality [pshop] PDFSaveOptions quality of produced image (0-12)
jumpTime [anark] TimeContext Total time length.
jumpTo [anark] TimeContext Time to return to when looping.
l [pshop] LabColor the L-value (between 0.0 and 100.0)
lastIndex RegExp The string position at which to start the next match.
leading [pshop] TextItem leading (unit value)
leftIndent [pshop] TextItem (unit value)
length [css] CSSStyleDeclaration (read only)
length [pshop] LayerSets (read only)
length [pshop] Layers (read only)
length [pshop] Documents (read only)
length [svg] SVGElementInstanceList (read only)
length [pshop] Channels (read only)
length [html] HTMLSelectElement
length [pshop] ArtLayers (read only)
length Function (read only) The number of arguments declared with the function.
length [pshop] File The size of the File in bytes.
length [anark] Collection (read only) Number of items in the collection.
length String (read only) The number of characters in the string.
length Array The number of items in the array.
length [dom] NodeList (read only)
length [dom] NamedNodeMap (read only)
length [dom] CharacterData (read only)
length [stylesheets] StyleSheetList (read only)
length [stylesheets] MediaList (read only)
length [css] CSSRuleList (read only)
length [pshop] HistoryStates (read only)
length [css] CSSValueList (read only)
length [html] HTMLCollection (read only)
length [html] HTMLOptionsCollection
length [html] HTMLFormElement (read only)
linearFade [anark] Light Fade-off speed.
magenta [pshop] CMYKColor the magenta color value (between 0.0 and 100.0)
mappingMode [anark] Image How to display the image on the material.
materialMode [anark] Image How to use the image on the material.
maximumGlyphScaling [pshop] TextItem
maximumLetterScaling [pshop] TextItem
maximumWordScaling [pshop] TextItem
maxLength [html] HTMLInputElement
maxRAMuse [pshop] Preferences maximum percentage of available RAM used by Photoshop (between 5 and 100)
maxTime [anark] TimeContext Ending time of the context.
meetOrSlice [svg] SVGPreserveAspectRatio
minimumGlyphScaling [pshop] TextItem
minimumLetterScaling [pshop] TextItem
minimumWordScaling [pshop] TextItem
minTime [anark] TimeContext Starting time of the context.
newScale [svg] SVGZoomEvent (read only)
nodeType [dom] Node (read only)
numberOfHistoryStates [pshop] Preferences number of history states to remember (between 1 and 100)
numberOfItems [svg] SVGStringList (read only)
numberOfItems [svg] SVGTransformList (read only)
numberOfItems [svg] SVGPathSegList (read only)
numberOfItems [svg] SVGNumberList (read only)
numberOfItems [svg] SVGLengthList (read only)
numberOfItems [svg] SVGPointList (read only)
opacity [anark] Node Opacity of the object.
opacity [pshop] ArtLayer master opacity of layer (between 0.0 and 100.0)
opacity [pshop] Channel opacity of alpha channels (called solidity for spot channels)
opacity [pshop] LayerSet master opacity of layer (between 0.0 and 100.0)
opacity [anark] Material Opacity of the material.
page [pshop] PDFOpenOptions number of page to open
paintType [svg] SVGPaint (read only)
pathSegType [svg] SVGPathSeg (read only)
pivotU [anark] Image Horizontal UV pivot location.
pivotV [anark] Image Vertical UV pivot location.
pivotx [anark] Layer Horizontal pivot location.
pivoty [anark] Layer Vertical pivot location.
pixelUnitToMillimeterX [svg] SVGSVGElement (read only)
pixelUnitToMillimeterY [svg] SVGSVGElement (read only)
positionU [anark] Image UV horizontal offset.
positionV [anark] Image UV vertical offset.
previousScale [svg] SVGZoomEvent (read only)
primitiveType [css] CSSPrimitiveValue (read only)
quality [pshop] JPEGSaveOptions quality of produced image (0-12)
r [anark] Color Red
r1 [svg] SVGPathSegArcAbs
r1 [svg] SVGPathSegArcRel
r2 [svg] SVGPathSegArcRel
r2 [svg] SVGPathSegArcAbs
rate [anark] TimeContext Playback speed.
realTime [anark] Presentation (read only) Current time.
recentFileListLength [pshop] Preferences number of items in the recent file list (between 0 and 30)
red [pshop] RGBColor the red color value (between 0.0 and 255.0)
renderingIntent [svg] SVGColorProfileRule
renderingIntent [svg] SVGColorProfileElement
repeatU [anark] Image Horizontal UV scale for tiling.
repeatV [anark] Image Vertical UV scale for tiling.
resolution [pshop] BitmapConversionOptions output resolution (in pixels per inch)
resolution [pshop] Document (read only) the resolution of the document (in pixels per inch)
resolution [pshop] EPSOpenOptions the resolution of the document (in pixels per inch)
resolution [pshop] PDFOpenOptions the resolution of the document (in pixels per inch)
resolution [pshop] PhotoCDOpenOptions the resolution of the image (in pixels per inch)
resourceID [pshop] PICTResourceSaveOptions ID of PICT resource
rightIndent [pshop] TextItem (unit value)
rotation [anark] Image Rotation in degrees.
rowIndex [html] HTMLTableRowElement (read only)
rows [html] HTMLTextAreaElement
rowSpan [html] HTMLTableCellElement
saturation [pshop] HSBColor the saturation value (between 0.0 and 100.0)
scans [pshop] JPEGSaveOptions number of scans
screenPixelToMillimeterX [svg] SVGSVGElement (read only)
screenPixelToMillimeterY [svg] SVGSVGElement (read only)
screenX [events] MouseEvent (read only)
screenY [events] MouseEvent (read only)
sectionRowIndex [html] HTMLTableRowElement (read only)
selectedIndex [html] HTMLSelectElement
size [html] HTMLBaseFontElement
size [html] HTMLSelectElement
size [pshop] TextItem font size in points
size [html] HTMLInputElement
source [anark] Light Type of light.
spaceAfter [pshop] TextItem (unit value)
spaceBefore [pshop] TextItem (unit value)
span [html] HTMLTableColElement
specularPower [anark] Material Sharpness of specularity.
start [html] HTMLOListElement
startLifeTime [anark] Asset Starting time of the asset.
tabIndex [html] HTMLButtonElement
tabIndex [html] HTMLSelectElement
tabIndex [html] HTMLInputElement
tabIndex [html] HTMLTextAreaElement
tabIndex [html] HTMLAnchorElement
tabIndex [html] HTMLObjectElement
tabIndex [html] HTMLAreaElement
tilingModeHoriz [anark] Image Horizontal tiling option.
tilingModeVert [anark] Image Vertical tiling option.
timeStamp [events] Event (read only) Date/time that the event occurred.
tracking [pshop] TextItem controls uniform spacing between multiple characters
type [svg] SVGTransform (read only)
type [css] CSSRule (read only)
unitType [svg] SVGAngle (read only)
unitType [svg] SVGLength (read only)
value [svg] SVGAngle
value [svg] SVGLength
value [svg] SVGNumber
value [html] HTMLLIElement
valueInSpecifiedUnits [svg] SVGAngle
valueInSpecifiedUnits [svg] SVGLength
verticalScale [pshop] TextItem vertical scaling of characters (in percent)
volume [anark] Music Loudness of the music.
volume [anark] Sound Loudness of the sound.
volume [anark] Video Loudness of the video's audio track.
vspace [html] HTMLObjectElement
vspace [html] HTMLImageElement
vspace [html] HTMLAppletElement
warpBend [pshop] TextItem percentage from -100 to 100
warpHorizontalDistortion [pshop] TextItem percentage from -100 to 100
warpVerticalDistortion [pshop] TextItem percentage from -100 to 100
width [anark] Image (read only) Width of the image.
width [pshop] Document (read only) width of document (unit value)
width [pshop] EPSOpenOptions width of image (unit value)
width [html] HTMLImageElement
width [pshop] RawFormatOpenOptions width of image (in pixels)
width [pshop] PDFOpenOptions width of image (unit value)
width [anark] Layer Percentage width of the scene.
width [svg] SVGRect
width [pshop] TextItem the width of paragraph text (unit value)
width [html] HTMLPreElement
x [svg] SVGGlyphRefElement
x [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoQuadraticRel
x [anark] Rotation X-axis rotation.
x [anark] Mouse (read only) X location.
x [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoCubicRel
x [svg] SVGPoint
x [svg] SVGPathSegArcRel
x [svg] SVGPathSegArcAbs
x [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoQuadraticAbs
x [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoCubicSmoothRel
x [anark] Vector X location.
x [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoQuadraticSmoothAbs
x [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoCubicAbs
x [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoQuadraticSmoothRel
x [svg] SVGPathSegMovetoRel
x [anark] Layer Percentage across the scene to draw.
x [svg] SVGRect
x [svg] SVGPathSegLinetoHorizontalAbs
x [svg] SVGPathSegLinetoHorizontalRel
x [svg] SVGPathSegLinetoAbs
x [svg] SVGPathSegMovetoAbs
x [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoCubicSmoothAbs
x [svg] SVGPathSegLinetoRel
x1 [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoCubicRel
x1 [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoQuadraticAbs
x1 [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoCubicAbs
x1 [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoQuadraticRel
x2 [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoCubicRel
x2 [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoCubicAbs
x2 [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoCubicSmoothRel
x2 [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoCubicSmoothAbs
xWidth [anark] Window (read only) Presentation width.
y [anark] Vector Y location.
y [svg] SVGPathSegMovetoAbs
y [svg] SVGPathSegMovetoRel
y [svg] SVGPathSegLinetoAbs
y [svg] SVGPathSegLinetoRel
y [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoCubicAbs
y [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoCubicRel
y [svg] SVGPathSegLinetoVerticalAbs
y [svg] SVGPathSegLinetoVerticalRel
y [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoCubicSmoothAbs
y [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoCubicSmoothRel
y [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoQuadraticSmoothAbs
y [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoQuadraticSmoothRel
y [svg] SVGGlyphRefElement
y [anark] Layer Percentage down the scene to draw.
y [anark] Rotation Y-axis rotation.
y [anark] Mouse (read only) Y location.
y [svg] SVGPoint
y [svg] SVGPathSegArcRel
y [svg] SVGPathSegArcAbs
y [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoQuadraticRel
y [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoQuadraticAbs
y [svg] SVGRect
y1 [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoCubicAbs
y1 [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoQuadraticRel
y1 [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoQuadraticAbs
y1 [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoCubicRel
y2 [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoCubicAbs
y2 [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoCubicSmoothRel
y2 [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoCubicSmoothAbs
y2 [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoCubicRel
yellow [pshop] CMYKColor the yellow color value (between 0.0 and 100.0)
yHeight [anark] Window (read only) Presentation height.
z [anark] Vector Z location.
z [anark] Rotation Z-axis rotation.
zoomAndPan [svg] SVGZoomAndPan

Methods that return a Number

name of object description
abs(x) Math Return the absolute value of x.
acos(x) Math Return the arc cosine of x, in radians.
atan(x) Math Return the arc tangent of x, in radians.
atan2(y,x) Math Return the arc tangent of the quotient y/x, where the signs of y and x are used to determine the quadrant of the result, in radians.
ceil(x) Math Return smallest integer which is larger than x (aka "round up").
charCodeAt(pos) String Return the Unicode value of the character at a particular index in the string.
charIDToTypeID(charID) Application Convert from a four character code to a runtime ID
cos(x) Math Return the cosine of x, in radians.
distance(otherVector) Vector Calculate the distance to another vector.
distanceSquared(otherVector) Vector Calculate the squared distance to another vector.
exp(x) Math Return the value of ex.
floor(x) Math Return largest integer which is less than x (aka "round down").
getCharNumAtPosition(point) SVGTextContentElement
getClass(index) ActionList get the value of an item of type class
getClass(key) ActionDescriptor get the value of a key of type class
getComputedTextLength() SVGTextContentElement
getCurrentTime() SVGSVGElement
getCurrentTime() SVGAnimationElement
getDate() Date Return the day number in the local timezone.
getDay() Date Return the zero-based weekday number in the local timezone.
getDesiredClass() ActionReference
getDouble(index) ActionList get the value of an item of type double
getDouble(key) ActionDescriptor get the value of a key of type double
getEnumeratedType() ActionReference get type of enumeration of an ActionReference whose form is 'Enumerated'
getEnumeratedValue() ActionReference get value of enumeration of an ActionReference whose form is 'Enumerated'
getEnumerationType(key) ActionDescriptor get the enumeration type of a key
getEnumerationType(index) ActionList get the enumeration type of an item
getEnumerationValue(index) ActionList get the enumeration value of an item
getEnumerationValue(key) ActionDescriptor get the enumeration value of a key
getFloatValue(unitType) CSSPrimitiveValue
getFullYear() Date Return the four-digit year in the local timezone.
getHours() Date Return the hour number in the local timezone.
getIdentifier() ActionReference get identifier value for an ActionReference whose form is 'Identifier'
getIndex() ActionReference get index value for an ActionReference whose form is 'Index'
getInteger(index) ActionList get the value of an item of type integer
getInteger(key) ActionDescriptor get the value of a key of type integer
getKey(index) ActionDescriptor get ID of the Nth key
getMilliseconds() Date Return the millisecond number in the local timezone.
getMinutes() Date Return the minute number in the local timezone.
getMonth() Date Return the zero-based month number in the local timezone.
getNumberOfChars() SVGTextContentElement
getObjectType(index) ActionList get the class ID of an object in an item of type object
getObjectType(key) ActionDescriptor get the class ID of an object in a key of type object
getOffset() ActionReference get offset value for an ActionReference whose form is 'Offset'
getPathSegAtLength(distance) SVGPathElement
getProperty() ActionReference get property ID value for an ActionReference whose form is 'Property'
getRotationOfChar(charnum) SVGTextContentElement
getSeconds() Date Return the second number in the local timezone.
getSimpleDuration() SVGAnimationElement
getStartTime() SVGAnimationElement
getSubStringLength(charnum,nchars) SVGTextContentElement
getTime() Date Return the number of milliseconds since Midnight, Jan 1, 1970 UTC.
getTimezoneOffset() Date Returns the difference between the local time and UTC time in minutes.
getTotalLength() SVGPathElement
getUnitDoubleType(key) ActionDescriptor get the unit type of a key of type UnitDouble
getUnitDoubleType(index) ActionList get the unit type of an item of type UnitDouble
getUnitDoubleValue(index) ActionList get the value of anm item of type UnitDouble
getUnitDoubleValue(key) ActionDescriptor get the value of a key of type UnitDouble
getUTCDate() Date Return the day number in UTC.
getUTCDay() Date Return the zero-based weekday number in UTC.
getUTCFullYear() Date Return the four-digit year in UTC.
getUTCHours() Date Return the hour number in UTC.
getUTCMilliseconds() Date Return the millisecond number in UTC.
getUTCMinutes() Date Return the minute number in UTC.
getUTCMonth() Date Return the zero-based month number in UTC.
getUTCSeconds() Date Return the second number in UTC.
insertRule(rule,index) CSSMediaRule
insertRule(rule,index) CSSStyleSheet
intersect(useBackface,globalOrigin,globalDirection,…) Model Does the model intersect the supplied vector?
length() Vector Length of the vector.
lengthSquared() Vector Length of the vector, squared.
localeCompare(compareString) String Compare the string to the argument in the current locale.
log(x) Math Return the natural logarithm of x.
max([value1],[value2],[...]) Math Return the largest of all arguments supplied.
min([value1],[value2],[...]) Math Return the smallest of all arguments supplied.
parse(dateString) Date Attempt to parse the supplied string as a date, and return the number of milliseconds it represents.
parseFloat(string) Global Attempt to convert a string into a number.
parseInt(string,[radix]) Global Attempt to convert a string into an integer number, using the specified base.
pow(x,y) Math Return the value of raising x to the power y.
push([item1],[item2],[...]) Array Adds one or more elements to the end of the array, returning the new length.
random() Math Return a floating-point random number between 0 (inclusive) and 1 (exclusive).
round(x) Math Round a number to the closest integer.
search(searchExpr) String Find the offset of a regular expression within the string.
setDate(day) Date Set the day number in the local timezone.
setFullYear(year,[month],[day]) Date Set the year, expressed in the local timezone.
setHours(hours,[mins],[secs],…) Date Set the hour number in the local timezone.
setMilliseconds(ms) Date Set the millisecond number in the local timezone.
setMinutes(mins,[secs],[ms]) Date Set the minute number in the local timezone.
setMonth(month,[day]) Date Set the zero-based month, expressed in the local timezone.
setSeconds(second,[ms]) Date Set the second number in the local timezone.
setTime(time) Date Set the date object to a new time.
setUTCDate(day) Date Set the UTC day number.
setUTCFullYear(year,[month],[day]) Date Set the UTC year number.
setUTCHours(hours,[mins],[secs],…) Date Set the UTC hours.
setUTCMilliseconds([ms]) Date Set the UTC milliseconds.
setUTCMinutes(mins,[secs],[ms]) Date Set the UTC minutes.
setUTCMonth(month,[day]) Date Set the UTC month.
setUTCSeconds(secs,[ms]) Date Set the UTC seconds.
sin(x) Math Return the sine of x, in radians.
sqrt(x) Math Return the square root of x.
stringIDToTypeID(stringID) Application Convert from a string ID to a runtime ID.
suspendRedraw(max_wait_milliseconds) SVGSVGElement
tan(x) Math Return the tangent of x, in radians.
tell() File Find position in file.
unshift([newItem1],[newItem2],[...]) Array Insert items to the front of an array, and return the new length.
UTC(year,month,[day],…) Date Return the number of milliseconds corresponding to the supplied arguments.

Arguments that are a Number

name in method of object description
... max([value1],[value2],[...]) Math etc.
... min([value1],[value2],[...]) Math etc.
... fromCharCode([charCode0],[charCode1],[...]) String etc.
amount applyZigZag(amount,ridges,[style]) [pshop] ArtLayer
amount applyUnSharpMask(amount,radius,threshold) [pshop] ArtLayer
amount applyPinch(amount) [pshop] ArtLayer
amount applyRipple(amount,size) [pshop] ArtLayer
amount applyRadialBlur(amount,blurMethod,blurQuality) [pshop] ArtLayer
amount applySpherize(amount,mode) [pshop] ArtLayer
amount applyAddNoise(amount,distribution,monochromatic) [pshop] ArtLayer
angle skewX(angle) [svg] SVGMatrix
angle createSVGPathSegArcRel(x,y,r1,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
angle createSVGPathSegArcAbs(x,y,r1,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
angle rotateBoundary(angle,[anchor]) [pshop] Selection
angle rotate(angle,[anchor]) [pshop] ArtLayer
angle rotateCanvas(angle) [pshop] Document
angle crop(bounds,[angle],[width],…) [pshop] Document
angle applyTwirl(angle) [pshop] ArtLayer
angle applyMotionBlur(angle,radius) [pshop] ArtLayer
angle setSkewY(angle) [svg] SVGTransform
angle setSkewX(angle) [svg] SVGTransform
angle setRotate(angle,cx,cy) [svg] SVGTransform
angle skewY(angle) [svg] SVGMatrix
angle rotate(angle) [svg] SVGMatrix
attrChangeArg initMutationEvent(typeArg,canBubbleArg,cancelableArg,…) [events] MutationEvent
brightness applyLensFlare(brightness,flareCenter,lensType) [pshop] ArtLayer
brightness adjustBrightnessContrast(brightness,contrast) [pshop] ArtLayer
buttonArg initMouseEvent(typeArg,canBubbleArg,cancelableArg,…) [events] MouseEvent
by expand selection(by) [pshop] Selection
by feather(by) [pshop] Selection
by contract(by) [pshop] Selection
charCode0 fromCharCode([charCode0],[charCode1],[...]) String The first Unicode character co
charCode1 fromCharCode([charCode0],[charCode1],[...]) String The second Unicode character c
charnum getEndPositionOfChar(charnum) [svg] SVGTextContentElement
charnum selectSubString(charnum,nchars) [svg] SVGTextContentElement
charnum getStartPositionOfChar(charnum) [svg] SVGTextContentElement
charnum getSubStringLength(charnum,nchars) [svg] SVGTextContentElement
charnum getExtentOfChar(charnum) [svg] SVGTextContentElement
charnum getRotationOfChar(charnum) [svg] SVGTextContentElement
chars read([chars]) [pshop] File The number of characters to re
classID putObject(key,classID,value) [pshop] ActionDescriptor
classID putObject(classID,value) [pshop] ActionList
clearAmount applyDiffuseGlow(graininess,glowAmount,clearAmount) [pshop] ArtLayer
clientXArg initMouseEvent(typeArg,canBubbleArg,cancelableArg,…) [events] MouseEvent Note: This argument is defined
clientYArg initMouseEvent(typeArg,canBubbleArg,cancelableArg,…) [events] MouseEvent Note: This argument is defined
colorType setColor(colorType,rgbColor,iccColor) [svg] SVGColor
contrast adjustBrightnessContrast(brightness,contrast) [pshop] ArtLayer
contrastFactor contrast(contrastFactor) [anark] Color Factor to modify contrast by.<
count substringData(offset,count) [dom] CharacterData
count deleteData(offset,count) [dom] CharacterData
count replaceData(offset,count,arg) [dom] CharacterData
cx setRotate(angle,cx,cy) [svg] SVGTransform
cy setRotate(angle,cx,cy) [svg] SVGTransform
day setUTCFullYear(year,[month],[day]) Date The new day number, expressed<
day setFullYear(year,[month],[day]) Date The new day number, expressed<
day UTC(year,month,[day],…) Date The UTC day number.
day setUTCDate(day) Date The new day number, expressed<
day setUTCMonth(month,[day]) Date The new day number, expressed<
day setDate(day) Date The new day number, expressed<
day setMonth(month,[day]) Date The new day number, expressed<
delayMS delay(delayMS) [d3] Transition Delay before starting the transition, in milliseconds.
deleteCount splice(start,deleteCount,[newItem1],…) Array The number of items to remove.
deltaX translate([deltaX],[deltaY]) [pshop] ArtLayer
deltaX translateBoundary([deltaX],[deltaY]) [pshop] Selection
deltaY translateBoundary([deltaX],[deltaY]) [pshop] Selection
deltaY translate([deltaX],[deltaY]) [pshop] ArtLayer
desiredClass putName([desiredClass],[value]) [pshop] ActionReference
desiredClass putClass([desiredClass]) [pshop] ActionReference
desiredClass putEnumerated([desiredClass],[enumType],[value]) [pshop] ActionReference
desiredClass putIdentifier([desiredClass],[value]) [pshop] ActionReference
desiredClass putProperty([desiredClass],[value]) [pshop] ActionReference
desiredClass putOffset([desiredClass],[value]) [pshop] ActionReference
desiredClass putIndex([desiredClass],[value]) [pshop] ActionReference
detailArg initMouseEvent(typeArg,canBubbleArg,cancelableArg,…) [events] MouseEvent Note: This argument is defined
detailArg initUIEvent(typeArg,canBubbleArg,cancelableArg,…) [events] UIEvent Note: This argument is defined
distance getPathSegAtLength(distance) [svg] SVGPathElement
distance getPointAtLength(distance) [svg] SVGPathElement
distortion applyGlassEffect(distortion,smoothness,scaling,…) [pshop] ArtLayer
dummy createPrimitive(primitiveType,subType,resolution,…) [anark] Model Placeholder; must always be "0
durationMS duration(durationMS) [d3] Transition Running time of the transition, in milliseconds.
end substring(start,[end]) String The index to stop before. If o
end slice(start,[end]) Array The index to copy up until.
end slice(start,[end]) String The index to stop before.
enumType putEnumerated(enumType,value) [pshop] ActionList
enumType putEnumerated(key,enumType,value) [pshop] ActionDescriptor
enumType putEnumerated([desiredClass],[enumType],[value]) [pshop] ActionReference
eventID executeAction(eventID,[descriptor],[displayDialogs]) [pshop] Application
feather select(region,[type],[feather],…) [pshop] Selection
filterResX setFilterRes(filterResX,filterResY) [svg] SVGFilterElement
filterResY setFilterRes(filterResX,filterResY) [svg] SVGFilterElement
flags launch(commandLine,flags) [anark] Container Reserved for future use; must<
floatValue setFloatValue(unitType,floatValue) [css] CSSPrimitiveValue
fractionDigits toFixed([fractionDigits]) Number The number of digits which sho
fractionDigits toExponential([fractionDigits]) Number The number of digits which sho
generatorNumber applyWave(generatorNumber,minimumWavelength,maximumWavelength,…) [pshop] ArtLayer
glowAmount applyDiffuseGlow(graininess,glowAmount,clearAmount) [pshop] ArtLayer
graininess applyDiffuseGlow(graininess,glowAmount,clearAmount) [pshop] ArtLayer
height resizeCanvas([width],[height],[anchor]) [pshop] Document
height add([width],[height],[resolution],…) [pshop] Documents
height resizeImage([width],[height],[resolution],…) [pshop] Document
height crop(bounds,[angle],[width],…) [pshop] Document
horizontal resizeBoundary([horizontal],[vertical],[anchor]) [pshop] Selection
horizontal remove([horizontal],[vertical],[anchor]) [pshop] LayerSet
horizontal applyOffset(horizontal,vertical,undefinedAreas) [pshop] ArtLayer
horizontal resize([horizontal],[vertical],[anchor]) [pshop] ArtLayer
horizontalScale applyWave(generatorNumber,minimumWavelength,maximumWavelength,…) [pshop] ArtLayer
horizontalScale applyDisplace(horizontalScale,verticalScale,displacementType,…) [pshop] ArtLayer
hour UTC(year,month,[day],…) Date The UTC hours.
hours setHours(hours,[mins],[secs],…) Date The new hour number, expressed
hours setUTCHours(hours,[mins],[secs],…) Date The new hour number, expressed
index replaceItem(newItem,index) [svg] SVGTransformList
index getItem(index) [svg] SVGStringList
index insertItemBefore(newItem,index) [svg] SVGStringList
index replaceItem(newItem,index) [svg] SVGStringList
index removeItem(index) [svg] SVGStringList
index getItem(index) [svg] SVGNumberList
index insertItemBefore(newItem,index) [svg] SVGNumberList
index replaceItem(newItem,index) [svg] SVGNumberList
index removeItem(index) [svg] SVGNumberList
index getItem(index) [svg] SVGLengthList
index insertItemBefore(newItem,index) [svg] SVGLengthList
index replaceItem(newItem,index) [svg] SVGLengthList
index removeItem(index) [svg] SVGLengthList
index item(index) [svg] SVGElementInstanceList
index getItem(index) [svg] SVGPointList
index insertItemBefore(newItem,index) [svg] SVGPointList
index replaceItem(newItem,index) [svg] SVGPointList
index item(index) [dom] NodeList
index item(index) [dom] NamedNodeMap
index removeItem(index) [svg] SVGPointList
index getUnitDoubleValue(index) [pshop] ActionList
index getUnitDoubleType(index) [pshop] ActionList
index item(index) [stylesheets] StyleSheetList
index item(index) [stylesheets] MediaList
index insertRule(rule,index) [css] CSSStyleSheet
index deleteRule(index) [css] CSSStyleSheet
index item(index) [css] CSSRuleList
index insertRule(rule,index) [css] CSSMediaRule
index deleteRule(index) [css] CSSMediaRule
index item(index) [css] CSSStyleDeclaration
index getType(index) [pshop] ActionList
index getString(index) [pshop] ActionList
index getReference(index) [pshop] ActionList
index item(index) [css] CSSValueList
index item(index) [html] HTMLCollection
index item(index) [html] HTMLOptionsCollection
index remove(index) [html] HTMLSelectElement
index insertRow(index) [html] HTMLTableElement
index deleteRow(index) [html] HTMLTableElement
index insertRow(index) [html] HTMLTableSectionElement
index deleteRow(index) [html] HTMLTableSectionElement
index insertCell(index) [html] HTMLTableRowElement
index deleteCell(index) [html] HTMLTableRowElement
index getPath(index) [pshop] ActionList
index getObjectValue(index) [pshop] ActionList
index getObjectType(index) [pshop] ActionList
index getList(index) [pshop] ActionList
index getInteger(index) [pshop] ActionList
index getEnumerationValue(index) [pshop] ActionList
index getEnumerationType(index) [pshop] ActionList
index getDouble(index) [pshop] ActionList
index getClass(index) [pshop] ActionList
index getBoolean(index) [pshop] ActionList
index getItem(index) [svg] SVGTransformList
index getKey(index) [pshop] ActionDescriptor
index removeItem(index) [svg] SVGPathSegList
index replaceItem(newItem,index) [svg] SVGPathSegList
index insertItemBefore(newItem,index) [svg] SVGPathSegList
index getItem(index) [svg] SVGPathSegList
index removeItem(index) [svg] SVGTransformList
index insertItemBefore(newItem,index) [svg] SVGTransformList
inputRangeEnd adjustLevels(inputRangeStart,inputRangeEnd,inputRangeGamma,…) [pshop] ArtLayer
inputRangeGamma adjustLevels(inputRangeStart,inputRangeEnd,inputRangeGamma,…) [pshop] ArtLayer
inputRangeStart adjustLevels(inputRangeStart,inputRangeEnd,inputRangeGamma,…) [pshop] ArtLayer
key putUnitDouble(key,unitID,value) [pshop] ActionDescriptor
key getList(key) [pshop] ActionDescriptor
key putString(key,value) [pshop] ActionDescriptor
key erase(key) [pshop] ActionDescriptor
key putReference(key,value) [pshop] ActionDescriptor
key getBoolean(key) [pshop] ActionDescriptor
key getClass(key) [pshop] ActionDescriptor
key putPath(key,value) [pshop] ActionDescriptor
key getDouble(key) [pshop] ActionDescriptor
key putObject(key,classID,value) [pshop] ActionDescriptor
key putList(key,value) [pshop] ActionDescriptor
key putInteger(key,value) [pshop] ActionDescriptor
key getEnumerationType(key) [pshop] ActionDescriptor
key putEnumerated(key,enumType,value) [pshop] ActionDescriptor
key putDouble(key,value) [pshop] ActionDescriptor
key putClass(key,value) [pshop] ActionDescriptor
key putBoolean(key,value) [pshop] ActionDescriptor
key haskey(key) [pshop] ActionDescriptor
key getUnitDoubleValue(key) [pshop] ActionDescriptor
key getUnitDoubleType(key) [pshop] ActionDescriptor
key getType(key) [pshop] ActionDescriptor
key getString(key) [pshop] ActionDescriptor
key getReference(key) [pshop] ActionDescriptor
key getPath(key) [pshop] ActionDescriptor
key getObjectValue(key) [pshop] ActionDescriptor
key getObjectType(key) [pshop] ActionDescriptor
key getInteger(key) [pshop] ActionDescriptor
key getEnumerationValue(key) [pshop] ActionDescriptor
level threshold(level) [pshop] ArtLayer
levels posterize(levels) [pshop] ArtLayer
limit split([separator],[limit]) String The maximum number of substrin
magnitude applyOceanRipple(size,magnitude) [pshop] ArtLayer
maxDistance intersect(useBackface,globalOrigin,globalDirection,…) [anark] Model Maximum distance from globalOr
maximumAmplitude applyWave(generatorNumber,minimumWavelength,maximumWavelength,…) [pshop] ArtLayer
maximumWavelength applyWave(generatorNumber,minimumWavelength,maximumWavelength,…) [pshop] ArtLayer
max_wait_milliseconds suspendRedraw(max_wait_milliseconds) [svg] SVGSVGElement
minimumAmplitude applyWave(generatorNumber,minimumWavelength,maximumWavelength,…) [pshop] ArtLayer
minimumWavelength applyWave(generatorNumber,minimumWavelength,maximumWavelength,…) [pshop] ArtLayer
mins setHours(hours,[mins],[secs],…) Date The new minute number, express
mins setUTCMinutes(mins,[secs],[ms]) Date The new minute number, express
mins setMinutes(mins,[secs],[ms]) Date The new minute number, express
mins setUTCHours(hours,[mins],[secs],…) Date The new minute number, express
minute UTC(year,month,[day],…) Date The UTC minutes.
mode seek(pos,mode) [pshop] File 0=seek to absolute position; 1
month setUTCMonth(month,[day]) Date The new zero-based month numbe
month setFullYear(year,[month],[day]) Date The new month number, expresse
month setMonth(month,[day]) Date The new month number, expresse
month UTC(year,month,[day],…) Date The zero-based UTC month numbe
month setUTCFullYear(year,[month],[day]) Date The new month number, expresse
ms setMinutes(mins,[secs],[ms]) Date The new milliseconds, expresse
ms UTC(year,month,[day],…) Date The UTC milliseconds.
ms setUTCMinutes(mins,[secs],[ms]) Date The new milliseconds, expresse
ms setUTCSeconds(secs,[ms]) Date The new milliseconds, expresse
ms setMilliseconds(ms) Date The new milliseconds, expresse
ms setUTCMilliseconds([ms]) Date The new milliseconds, expresse
ms setHours(hours,[mins],[secs],…) Date The new milliseconds, expresse
ms setSeconds(second,[ms]) Date The new milliseconds, expresse
ms setUTCHours(hours,[mins],[secs],…) Date The new milliseconds, expresse
nchars getSubStringLength(charnum,nchars) [svg] SVGTextContentElement
nchars selectSubString(charnum,nchars) [svg] SVGTextContentElement
num isNaN(num) Global The number to check.
num isFinite(num) Global The number to check.
offset deleteData(offset,count) [dom] CharacterData
offset splitText(offset) [dom] Text
offset substringData(offset,count) [dom] CharacterData
offset applyCustomFilter(characteristics,scale,offset) [pshop] ArtLayer
offset replaceData(offset,count,arg) [dom] CharacterData
offset insertData(offset,arg) [dom] CharacterData
opacity fill(fillType,[mode],[opacity],…) [pshop] Selection
opacity stroke(strokeColor,width,[location],…) [pshop] Selection
outputRangeEnd adjustLevels(inputRangeStart,inputRangeEnd,inputRangeGamma,…) [pshop] ArtLayer
outputRangeStart adjustLevels(inputRangeStart,inputRangeEnd,inputRangeGamma,…) [pshop] ArtLayer
paintType setPaint(paintType,uri,rgbColor,…) [svg] SVGPaint
pos seek(pos,mode) [pshop] File The position in the file to se
pos charCodeAt(pos) String The index of the character to<
pos charAt(pos) String The index of the character to<
position seek(position) [anark] Sound Time in seconds from the start
position lastIndexOf(searchString,[position]) String The position to start searchin
position indexOf(searchString,[position]) String The position to start searchin
position seek(position) [anark] Video Time in seconds from the start
position seek(position) [anark] Music Time in seconds from the start
precision toPrecision(precision) Number The amount of precision which<
primitiveType createPrimitive(primitiveType,subType,resolution,…) [anark] Model Type of primitive (see below)<
r1 createSVGPathSegArcAbs(x,y,r1,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
r1 createSVGPathSegArcRel(x,y,r1,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
r2 createSVGPathSegArcRel(x,y,r1,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
r2 createSVGPathSegArcAbs(x,y,r1,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
radius applyHighPass(radius) [pshop] ArtLayer
radius applyMinimum(radius) [pshop] ArtLayer
radius applyDustAndScratches(radius,threshold) [pshop] ArtLayer
radius applyMotionBlur(angle,radius) [pshop] ArtLayer
radius applyGaussianBlur(radius) [pshop] ArtLayer
radius smooth(radius) [pshop] Selection
radius applyUnSharpMask(amount,radius,threshold) [pshop] ArtLayer
radius applyMaximum(radius) [pshop] ArtLayer
radius applyMedianNoise(radius) [pshop] ArtLayer
radius applySmartBlur(radius,threshold,blurQuality,…) [pshop] ArtLayer
radix parseInt(string,[radix]) Global The base for the conversion.
radix toString([radix]) Number The base to express the number
randomSeed applyWave(generatorNumber,minimumWavelength,maximumWavelength,…) [pshop] ArtLayer
resolution crop(bounds,[angle],[width],…) [pshop] Document
resolution resizeImage([width],[height],[resolution],…) [pshop] Document
resolution createPrimitive(primitiveType,subType,resolution,…) [anark] Model Number of faces (see below)
resolution add([width],[height],[resolution],…) [pshop] Documents
ridges applyZigZag(amount,ridges,[style]) [pshop] ArtLayer
saturationFactor saturation(saturationFactor) [anark] Color Factor to modify the saturatio
scale applyCustomFilter(characteristics,scale,offset) [pshop] ArtLayer
scaleFactor scale(scaleFactor) [anark] Rotation The factor to multiply each co
scaleFactor scale(scaleFactor) [anark] Color Factor to multiple each color<
scaleFactor scale(scaleFactor) [anark] Vector The factor to multiply each co
scaleFactor scale(scaleFactor) [svg] SVGMatrix
scaleFactorX scaleNonUniform(scaleFactorX,scaleFactorY) [svg] SVGMatrix
scaleFactorY scaleNonUniform(scaleFactorX,scaleFactorY) [svg] SVGMatrix
scaling applyGlassEffect(distortion,smoothness,scaling,…) [pshop] ArtLayer
screenXArg initMouseEvent(typeArg,canBubbleArg,cancelableArg,…) [events] MouseEvent Note: This argument is defined
screenYArg initMouseEvent(typeArg,canBubbleArg,cancelableArg,…) [events] MouseEvent Note: This argument is defined
second UTC(year,month,[day],…) Date The UTC seconds.
second setSeconds(second,[ms]) Date The new seconds, expressed in<
seconds setCurrentTime(seconds) [svg] SVGSVGElement
secs setMinutes(mins,[secs],[ms]) Date The new second number, express
secs setUTCMinutes(mins,[secs],[ms]) Date The new second number, express
secs setUTCHours(hours,[mins],[secs],…) Date The new second number, express
secs setUTCSeconds(secs,[ms]) Date The new second number, express
secs setHours(hours,[mins],[secs],…) Date The new second number, express
size applyOceanRipple(size,magnitude) [pshop] ArtLayer
smoothness applyGlassEffect(distortion,smoothness,scaling,…) [pshop] ArtLayer
start slice(start,[end]) String The index to start from.
start splice(start,deleteCount,[newItem1],…) Array The index to start deleting fr
start slice(start,[end]) Array The index to start copying fro
start substring(start,[end]) String The index to start from.
stdDeviationX setStdDeviation(stdDeviationX,stdDeviationY) [svg] SVGFEGaussianBlurElement
stdDeviationY setStdDeviation(stdDeviationX,stdDeviationY) [svg] SVGFEGaussianBlurElement
stringType setStringValue(stringType,stringValue) [css] CSSPrimitiveValue
subType createPrimitive(primitiveType,subType,resolution,…) [anark] Model Texture mapping for primitive<
suspend_handle_id unsuspendRedraw(suspend_handle_id) [svg] SVGSVGElement
sx setScale(sx,sy) [svg] SVGTransform
sy setScale(sx,sy) [svg] SVGTransform
threshold applyUnSharpMask(amount,radius,threshold) [pshop] ArtLayer
threshold applySmartBlur(radius,threshold,blurQuality,…) [pshop] ArtLayer
threshold applyDustAndScratches(radius,threshold) [pshop] ArtLayer
time setTime(time) Date The new time, expressed as mil
tolerance ance range(tolerance,antiAlias) [pshop] Selection
tolerance similar(tolerance,antiAlias) [pshop] Selection
tx setTranslate(tx,ty) [svg] SVGTransform
ty setTranslate(tx,ty) [svg] SVGTransform
typeID typeIDToCharID(typeID) [pshop] Application
typeID typeIDToStringID(typeID) [pshop] Application
unitID putUnitDouble(key,unitID,value) [pshop] ActionDescriptor
unitID putUnitDouble(unitID,value) [pshop] ActionList
unitType newValueSpecifiedUnits(unitType,valueInSpecifiedUnits) [svg] SVGAngle
unitType convertToSpecifiedUnits(unitType) [svg] SVGAngle
unitType convertToSpecifiedUnits(unitType) [svg] SVGLength
unitType setFloatValue(unitType,floatValue) [css] CSSPrimitiveValue
unitType getFloatValue(unitType) [css] CSSPrimitiveValue
unitType newValueSpecifiedUnits(unitType,valueInSpecifiedUnits) [svg] SVGLength
value putProperty([desiredClass],[value]) [pshop] ActionReference
value putClass(key,value) [pshop] ActionDescriptor
value putDouble(key,value) [pshop] ActionDescriptor
value putEnumerated(key,enumType,value) [pshop] ActionDescriptor
value putInteger(key,value) [pshop] ActionDescriptor
value putUnitDouble(key,unitID,value) [pshop] ActionDescriptor
value putClass(value) [pshop] ActionList
value putDouble(value) [pshop] ActionList
value putEnumerated(enumType,value) [pshop] ActionList
value putInteger(value) [pshop] ActionList
value putUnitDouble(unitID,value) [pshop] ActionList
value putEnumerated([desiredClass],[enumType],[value]) [pshop] ActionReference
value putIdentifier([desiredClass],[value]) [pshop] ActionReference
value putIndex([desiredClass],[value]) [pshop] ActionReference
value putOffset([desiredClass],[value]) [pshop] ActionReference
value1 min([value1],[value2],[...]) Math The first value.
value1 max([value1],[value2],[...]) Math The first value.
value2 max([value1],[value2],[...]) Math The second value.
value2 min([value1],[value2],[...]) Math The second value.
valueInSpecifiedUnits newValueSpecifiedUnits(unitType,valueInSpecifiedUnits) [svg] SVGAngle
valueInSpecifiedUnits newValueSpecifiedUnits(unitType,valueInSpecifiedUnits) [svg] SVGLength
vertical resizeBoundary([horizontal],[vertical],[anchor]) [pshop] Selection
vertical applyOffset(horizontal,vertical,undefinedAreas) [pshop] ArtLayer
vertical resize([horizontal],[vertical],[anchor]) [pshop] ArtLayer
vertical remove([horizontal],[vertical],[anchor]) [pshop] LayerSet
verticalScale applyDisplace(horizontalScale,verticalScale,displacementType,…) [pshop] ArtLayer
verticalScale applyWave(generatorNumber,minimumWavelength,maximumWavelength,…) [pshop] ArtLayer
weightFactor linear(targetVector,weightFactor) [anark] Vector The weighting factor for the i
weightFactor linear(targetColor,weightFactor) [anark] Color The weighting factor for the i
weightFactor linear(targetVector,weightFactor) [anark] Rotation The weighting factor for the i
width resizeCanvas([width],[height],[anchor]) [pshop] Document
width crop(bounds,[angle],[width],…) [pshop] Document
width trap(width) [pshop] Document
width add([width],[height],[resolution],…) [pshop] Documents
width stroke(strokeColor,width,[location],…) [pshop] Selection
width selectBorder(width) [pshop] Selection
width resizeImage([width],[height],[resolution],…) [pshop] Document
x sin(x) Math The value to operate upon.
x tan(x) Math The value to operate upon.
x log(x) Math The value to operate upon.
x createSVGPathSegCurvetoCubicSmoothRel(x,y,x2,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
x pow(x,y) Math The base of the exponential ex
x sqrt(x) Math The value to operate upon.
x createSVGPathSegCurvetoCubicSmoothAbs(x,y,x2,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
x createSVGPathSegArcAbs(x,y,r1,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
x round(x) Math The value to operate upon.
x createSVGPathSegCurvetoCubicRel(x,y,x1,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
x scale(x,y,z) [anark] Matrix Scaling x-component.
x translate(x,y) [svg] SVGMatrix
x translate(x,y,z) [anark] Matrix Translation x-component.
x rotateFromVector(x,y) [svg] SVGMatrix
x createSVGPathSegCurvetoCubicAbs(x,y,x1,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
x createSVGPathSegLinetoRel(x,y) [svg] SVGPathElement
x createSVGPathSegLinetoAbs(x,y) [svg] SVGPathElement
x abs(x) Math The value to operate upon.
x acos(x) Math The value to operate upon.
x atan(x) Math The value to operate upon.
x createSVGPathSegCurvetoQuadraticAbs(x,y,x1,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
x atan2(y,x) Math The cartesian x-coordinate.
x ceil(x) Math The value to operate upon.
x floor(x) Math The value to operate upon.
x createSVGPathSegMovetoAbs(x,y) [svg] SVGPathElement
x rotate(x,y,z) [anark] Matrix Rotation x-component.
x createSVGPathSegCurvetoQuadraticSmoothRel(x,y) [svg] SVGPathElement
x exp(x) Math The value to operate upon.
x createSVGPathSegCurvetoQuadraticSmoothAbs(x,y) [svg] SVGPathElement
x cos(x) Math The value to operate upon.
x createSVGPathSegLinetoHorizontalRel(x) [svg] SVGPathElement
x createSVGPathSegLinetoHorizontalAbs(x) [svg] SVGPathElement
x createSVGPathSegCurvetoQuadraticRel(x,y,x1,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
x createSVGPathSegArcRel(x,y,r1,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
x createSVGPathSegMovetoRel(x,y) [svg] SVGPathElement
x1 createSVGPathSegCurvetoCubicRel(x,y,x1,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
x1 createSVGPathSegCurvetoQuadraticAbs(x,y,x1,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
x1 createSVGPathSegCurvetoQuadraticRel(x,y,x1,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
x1 createSVGPathSegCurvetoCubicAbs(x,y,x1,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
x2 createSVGPathSegCurvetoCubicSmoothRel(x,y,x2,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
x2 createSVGPathSegCurvetoCubicAbs(x,y,x1,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
x2 createSVGPathSegCurvetoCubicRel(x,y,x1,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
x2 createSVGPathSegCurvetoCubicSmoothAbs(x,y,x2,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
y createSVGPathSegLinetoVerticalAbs(y) [svg] SVGPathElement
y createSVGPathSegMovetoAbs(x,y) [svg] SVGPathElement
y pow(x,y) Math The exponent of the expression
y atan2(y,x) Math The cartesian y-coordinate.
y createSVGPathSegMovetoRel(x,y) [svg] SVGPathElement
y createSVGPathSegLinetoAbs(x,y) [svg] SVGPathElement
y createSVGPathSegLinetoRel(x,y) [svg] SVGPathElement
y createSVGPathSegCurvetoCubicAbs(x,y,x1,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
y rotateFromVector(x,y) [svg] SVGMatrix
y translate(x,y) [svg] SVGMatrix
y createSVGPathSegCurvetoCubicRel(x,y,x1,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
y createSVGPathSegCurvetoQuadraticAbs(x,y,x1,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
y createSVGPathSegCurvetoQuadraticSmoothRel(x,y) [svg] SVGPathElement
y createSVGPathSegCurvetoQuadraticSmoothAbs(x,y) [svg] SVGPathElement
y createSVGPathSegCurvetoCubicSmoothRel(x,y,x2,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
y createSVGPathSegCurvetoCubicSmoothAbs(x,y,x2,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
y createSVGPathSegLinetoVerticalRel(y) [svg] SVGPathElement
y createSVGPathSegCurvetoQuadraticRel(x,y,x1,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
y createSVGPathSegArcRel(x,y,r1,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
y createSVGPathSegArcAbs(x,y,r1,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
y scale(x,y,z) [anark] Matrix Scaling y-component.
y translate(x,y,z) [anark] Matrix Translation y-component.
y rotate(x,y,z) [anark] Matrix Rotation y-component.
y1 createSVGPathSegCurvetoQuadraticAbs(x,y,x1,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
y1 createSVGPathSegCurvetoCubicAbs(x,y,x1,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
y1 createSVGPathSegCurvetoCubicRel(x,y,x1,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
y1 createSVGPathSegCurvetoQuadraticRel(x,y,x1,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
y2 createSVGPathSegCurvetoCubicRel(x,y,x1,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
y2 createSVGPathSegCurvetoCubicAbs(x,y,x1,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
y2 createSVGPathSegCurvetoCubicSmoothAbs(x,y,x2,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
y2 createSVGPathSegCurvetoCubicSmoothRel(x,y,x2,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
year setFullYear(year,[month],[day]) Date The new year number, expressed
year UTC(year,month,[day],…) Date The UTC year number.
year setUTCFullYear(year,[month],[day]) Date The new year number, expressed
z rotate(x,y,z) [anark] Matrix Rotation z-component.
z scale(x,y,z) [anark] Matrix Scaling z-component.
z translate(x,y,z) [anark] Matrix Translation z-component.