CSSStyleDeclaration in DOM Level 2 CSS

(no overview available)

Instance Properties

name type description
cssText String
length Number (read only)
parentRule CSSRule (read only)

Instance Methods

name returns description
getPropertyCSSValue(propertyName) CSSValue
getPropertyPriority(propertyName) String
getPropertyValue(propertyName) String
item(index) String
removeProperty(propertyName) String
setProperty(propertyName,value,priority) (none)

Properties that are a CSSStyleDeclaration

name object description
style CSSStyleRule (read only)
style CSSFontFaceRule (read only)
style CSSPageRule (read only)
style ElementCSSInlineStyle (read only)

Methods that return a CSSStyleDeclaration

name of object description
getComputedStyle(elt,pseudoElt) ViewCSS
getOverrideStyle(elt,pseudoElt) DocumentCSS