Preferences in Photoshop DOM

Preferences for Photoshop

Instance Properties

name type description
additionalPluginFolder File
appendExtension SaveBehavior
askBeforeSavingLayeredTIFF Boolean
autoUpdateOpenDocuments Boolean
beepWhenDone Boolean
colorChannelsInColor Boolean
colorPicker ColorPicker
columnGutter Number gutter of columns (in points)
columnWidth Number width of columns (in points)
createFirstSnapshot Boolean automatically make first snapshot when a new document is created?
dynamicColorSliders Boolean
exportClipboard Boolean
fullSizePreview Boolean
gamutWarningOpacity Number
gridSize GridSize
gridStyle GridLineStyle
gridSubDivisions Number
guideStyle GuideLineStyle
iconPreview Boolean
imageCacheForHistograms Boolean
imageCacheLevels Number
imagePreviews SaveBehavior
interpolation ResampleMethod
keyboardZoomResizesWindows Boolean
macOSTumbnail Boolean
maximizeCompatibility Boolean maximize compatibility for Photoshop (PSD) files
maxRAMuse Number maximum percentage of available RAM used by Photoshop (between 5 and 100)
nonLinearHistory Boolean allow non-linear history?
numberOfHistoryStates Number number of history states to remember (between 1 and 100)
otherCursors OtherPaintingCursors
paintingCursors PaintingCursors
parent Object (read only)
pixelDoubling Boolean
pointSize PointType size of point/pica
recentFileListLength Number number of items in the recent file list (between 0 and 30)
redoKey RedoKey
rulerUnits Units note: this is the unit that the scripting system will use when receiving and returning values
savePaletteLocations Boolean
showAsianTextOptions Boolean
showEnglishFontNames Boolean
showSliceNumber Boolean
showToolTips Boolean
smartQuotes Boolean
typename String (read only)
typeUnits TypeUnits
useAdditionalPluginFolder Boolean
useDiffusionDither Boolean
useLowerCaseExtension Boolean should the file extension be lowercase
useShiftKeyForToolSwitch Boolean
useVideoAlpha Boolean this option requires hardware support
windowsTumbnail Boolean

Properties that are a Preferences

name object description
preferences Application (read only)