Presentation in Anark Studio 2.5

Represents the presentation.

Inherits from:

Instance Properties

name type description
constructor Object A reference to the constructor class for the current object instance. [from Object]
prototype Object The prototype for a class. [from Object]
realTime Number (read only) Current time.

Instance Methods

name returns description
getContext(timeContextName) TimeContext Get a TimeContext by name.
hasOwnProperty(propertyOrMethodName) Boolean Determines if the object/instance itself has the named property or method. [from Object]
isBuffered(libraryResource) Boolean Is a Music/Video buffered yet?
isPrototypeOf(instanceToTest) Boolean Determines if the calling object prototype is in the inheritance chain for the supplied argument. [from Object]
propertyIsEnumerable(propertyOrMethodName) Boolean Determines if the object/instance itself has a property or method of the supplied name which will appear in a for (prop in obj) enumeration. [from Object]
toLocaleString() String For most objects, the same as toString() unless explicitly overridden. [from Object]
toString() String Returns a string representation of the object. [from Object]
valueOf() String Returns the internal this value of the object. [from Object]


The Presentation object is simply the current presentation. The Presentation object has no constructor because it is always available as a property of the Scene.

Properties that are a Presentation

name object description
presentation Scene (read only) The currently-active Presentation object.