Boolean in ECMAScript 262

Holds true/false values.

Inherits from:

Instance Properties

name type description
constructor Object A reference to the constructor class for the current object instance. [from Object]
prototype Object The prototype for a class. [from Object]

Instance Methods

name returns description
hasOwnProperty(propertyOrMethodName) Boolean Determines if the object/instance itself has the named property or method. [from Object]
isPrototypeOf(instanceToTest) Boolean Determines if the calling object prototype is in the inheritance chain for the supplied argument. [from Object]
propertyIsEnumerable(propertyOrMethodName) Boolean Determines if the object/instance itself has a property or method of the supplied name which will appear in a for (prop in obj) enumeration. [from Object]
toLocaleString() String For most objects, the same as toString() unless explicitly overridden. [from Object]
toString() String Returns a string representation of the object. [from Object]
valueOf() String Returns the internal this value of the object. [from Object]

Properties that are a Boolean

name object description
active [anark] Asset Should this asset be drawn?
alias [pshop] Folder (read only) Is the Folder a file-system alias?
alias [pshop] File (read only) Is the file a file system alias?
allLocked [pshop] ArtLayer
allLocked [pshop] LayerSet
alphaChannels [pshop] PICTResourceSaveOptions save alpha channels
alphaChannels [pshop] PixarSaveOptions save alpha channels
alphaChannels [pshop] PhotoshopSaveOptions save alpha channels
alphaChannels [pshop] PICTFileSaveOptions save alpha channels
alphaChannels [pshop] PDFSaveOptions save alpha channels
alphaChannels [pshop] RawSaveOptions save alpha channels
alphaChannels [pshop] SGIRGBSaveOptions save alpha channels
alphaChannels [pshop] TiffSaveOptions save alpha channels
alphaChannels [pshop] BMPSaveOptions save alpha channels
alternateLigatures [pshop] TextItem use alternate ligatures?
altKey [events] MouseEvent (read only) Was the 'alt' key depressed when this event was fired?
animVal [svg] SVGAnimatedBoolean (read only)
annotations [pshop] TiffSaveOptions save annotations
annotations [pshop] PhotoshopSaveOptions save annotations
annotations [pshop] PDFSaveOptions save annotations
antiAlias [pshop] PDFOpenOptions use antialias?
antiAlias [pshop] EPSOpenOptions use antialias?
askBeforeSavingLayeredTIFF [pshop] Preferences
autoKerning [pshop] TextItem whether to use a font's built-in kerning information
autoUpdateOpenDocuments [pshop] Preferences
baseVal [svg] SVGAnimatedBoolean
beepWhenDone [pshop] Preferences
bubbles [events] Event (read only)
buffered [anark] Music (read only) Is the music buffered and ready to play?
buffered [anark] Video (read only) Is the video buffered and ready to play?
cancelable [events] Event (read only)
checked [html] HTMLInputElement
clickable [anark] Node Can this object be clicked on?
colorChannelsInColor [pshop] Preferences
compact [html] HTMLUListElement
compact [html] HTMLDListElement
compact [html] HTMLDirectoryElement
compact [html] HTMLMenuElement
compact [html] HTMLOListElement
constrainProportions [pshop] PDFOpenOptions constrain proportions of image
constrainProportions [pshop] EPSOpenOptions constrain proportions of image
createFirstSnapshot [pshop] Preferences automatically make first snapshot when a new document is created?
ctrlKey [events] MouseEvent (read only) Was the 'ctrl' key depressed when this event was fired?
declare [html] HTMLObjectElement
defaultChecked [html] HTMLInputElement
defaultSelected [html] HTMLOptionElement
defer [html] HTMLScriptElement
disabled [html] HTMLOptGroupElement
disabled [html] HTMLStyleElement
disabled [html] HTMLTextAreaElement
disabled [html] HTMLLinkElement
disabled [html] HTMLInputElement
disabled [stylesheets] StyleSheet
disabled [html] HTMLOptionElement
disabled [html] HTMLSelectElement
disabled [html] HTMLButtonElement
downgradeColorProfile [pshop] PDFSaveOptions should the embedded color profile be downgraded to version 2
dynamicColorSliders [pshop] Preferences
embedColorProfile [pshop] PDFSaveOptions embed color profile in document
embedColorProfile [pshop] DCS2_SaveOptions embed color profile in document
embedColorProfile [pshop] DCS1_SaveOptions embed color profile in document
embedColorProfile [pshop] TiffSaveOptions embed color profile in document
embedColorProfile [pshop] EPSSaveOptions embed color profile in document
embedColorProfile [pshop] JPEGSaveOptions embed color profile in document
embedColorProfile [pshop] PICTFileSaveOptions embed color profile in document
embedColorProfile [pshop] PICTResourceSaveOptions embed color profile in document
embedColorProfile [pshop] PhotoshopSaveOptions embed color profile in document
embedFonts [pshop] PDFSaveOptions embed fonts? (only valid if vector data is included)
eof [pshop] File (read only) Is the file pointer at the end of the File?
exists [pshop] Folder (read only) Returns true if the path of this Folder refers to an existing file on disk.
exists [pshop] File (read only) Returns true if the path of this File refers to an existing file on disk.
exportClipboard [pshop] Preferences
fauxBold [pshop] TextItem use faux bold?
fauxItalic [pshop] TextItem use faux italic?
flipRowOrder [pshop] BMPSaveOptions
fogEnable [anark] Camera Use fog?
fullSizePreview [pshop] Preferences
global RegExp (read only) The global flag for the regular expression.
grouped [pshop] ArtLayer is the layer grouped with the layer below?
halftoneScreen [pshop] DCS1_SaveOptions include halftone screen
halftoneScreen [pshop] DCS2_SaveOptions include halftone screen
halftoneScreen [pshop] EPSSaveOptions include halftone screen
hangingPuntuation [pshop] TextItem use Roman Hanging Punctuation?
hidden [pshop] File Is the File invisible?
hyphenateCapitalWords [pshop] TextItem whether to hyphenate capitalized words
hyphenation [pshop] TextItem use hyphenation?
iconPreview [pshop] Preferences
ignoreCase RegExp (read only) The case-insensitive flag for the regular expression.
imageCacheForHistograms [pshop] Preferences
interlaced [pshop] GIFSaveOptions should rows be interlaced?
interlaced [pshop] PNGSaveOptions should rows be interlaced?
interleaveChannels [pshop] RawFormatOpenOptions are the channels in the image interleaved?
interpolation [pshop] DCS1_SaveOptions use image interpolation
interpolation [pshop] PDFSaveOptions use image interpolation?
interpolation [pshop] DCS2_SaveOptions use image interpolation
interpolation [pshop] EPSSaveOptions use image interpolation
isBackgroundLayer [pshop] ArtLayer is the layer a background layer?
isMap [html] HTMLImageElement
keyboardZoomResizesWindows [pshop] Preferences
largeArcFlag [svg] SVGPathSegArcAbs
largeArcFlag [svg] SVGPathSegArcRel
layers [pshop] PhotoshopSaveOptions save layers
layers [pshop] PDFSaveOptions save layers
layers [pshop] TiffSaveOptions save layers
ligatures [pshop] TextItem use ligatures?
lookAtLock [anark] Camera Always look at the same point?
loop [anark] Music Should the music continuously loop?
loop [anark] Sound Should the sound continuously loop?
loop [anark] Video Should the video continuously loop?
loopPresentation [anark] Scene Should the presentation loop?
macOSTumbnail [pshop] Preferences
managed [pshop] Document (read only) is the document a workgroup document?
maximizeCompatibility [pshop] Preferences maximize compatibility for Photoshop (PSD) files
metaKey [events] MouseEvent (read only) Was the 'shift' key depressed when this event was fired?
mouseEvents [anark] Behavior Does the object to which this behavior is attached respond to mouse events?
multiFileDCS [pshop] DCS2_SaveOptions
multiline RegExp (read only) The multiline flag for the regular expression.
multiple [html] HTMLSelectElement
noBreak [pshop] TextItem
noHref [html] HTMLAreaElement
nonLinearHistory [pshop] Preferences allow non-linear history?
noResize [html] HTMLFrameElement
noShade [html] HTMLHRElement
noWrap [html] HTMLTableCellElement
oldStyle [pshop] TextItem use old style?
orthographic [anark] Camera Use orthographic rendering?
paused [anark] TimeContext (read only) Is the context paused?
pixelDoubling [pshop] Preferences
pixelsLocked [pshop] ArtLayer
positionLocked [pshop] ArtLayer
preserveExactColors [pshop] GIFSaveOptions
preserveExactColors [pshop] IndexedConversionOptions
psColorManagement [pshop] EPSSaveOptions use Postscript color management
quickMaskMode [pshop] Document is the document in the quick mask mode?
readonly [pshop] File May the file be altered?
readOnly [html] HTMLTextAreaElement
readOnly [html] HTMLInputElement
retainHeader [pshop] RawFormatOpenOptions retain header when saving?
rleCompression [pshop] BMPSaveOptions should RLE compression be used?
saved [pshop] Document (read only) has the document been saved since last change?
saveImagePyramid [pshop] TiffSaveOptions
savePaletteLocations [pshop] Preferences
selected [html] HTMLOptionElement
shiftKey [events] MouseEvent (read only) Was the 'shift' key depressed when this event was fired?
showAsianTextOptions [pshop] Preferences
showEnglishFontNames [pshop] Preferences
showSliceNumber [pshop] Preferences
showToolTips [pshop] Preferences
smartQuotes [pshop] Preferences
snapshot [pshop] HistoryState (read only) is the history state a snapshot?
specified [dom] Attr (read only)
specularEnable [anark] Material Enable specularity?
spotColors [pshop] DCS2_SaveOptions save spot colors
spotColors [pshop] PhotoshopSaveOptions save spot colors
spotColors [pshop] TiffSaveOptions save spot colors
spotColors [pshop] RawSaveOptions save spot colors
spotColors [pshop] SGIRGBSaveOptions save spot colors
spotColors [pshop] PDFSaveOptions save spot colors
strikeThru [pshop] TextItem
sweepFlag [svg] SVGPathSegArcRel
sweepFlag [svg] SVGPathSegArcAbs
transferFunction [pshop] DCS2_SaveOptions include transfer functions in document
transferFunction [pshop] DCS1_SaveOptions include transfer functions in document
transferFunction [pshop] EPSSaveOptions include transfer functions in document
transparency [pshop] GIFSaveOptions
transparency [pshop] TiffSaveOptions
transparency [pshop] IndexedConversionOptions
transparency [pshop] PDFSaveOptions
transparentBackground [anark] Layer Should this layer obscure layers behind it?
transparentPixelsLocked [pshop] ArtLayer
transparentWhites [pshop] EPSSaveOptions only valid when saving BitMap documents
underline [pshop] TextItem
useAdditionalPluginFolder [pshop] Preferences
useAutoLeading [pshop] TextItem whether to use a font's built-in leading information
useCurrentView [svg] SVGSVGElement
useDiffusionDither [pshop] Preferences
useLowerCaseExtension [pshop] Preferences should the file extension be lowercase
useOutlines [pshop] PDFSaveOptions use outlines for text? (only valid if vector data is included)
useShiftKeyForToolSwitch [pshop] Preferences
useVideoAlpha [pshop] Preferences this option requires hardware support
vectorData [pshop] DCS1_SaveOptions include vector data
vectorData [pshop] DCS2_SaveOptions include vector data
vectorData [pshop] EPSSaveOptions include vector data
vectorData [pshop] PDFSaveOptions include vector data
visible [pshop] ArtLayer
visible [pshop] Channel
visible [anark] Image Apply this image to its material?
visible [pshop] LayerSet
windowsTumbnail [pshop] Preferences

Methods that return a Boolean

name of object description
animationsPaused() SVGSVGElement
checkEnclosure(element,rect) SVGSVGElement Is the element within a rectangular area?
checkIntersection(element,rect) SVGSVGElement Does the element intersect the rect?
classed(name) Selection Check to see if the selection has the specified class.
close() File Close the open File.
confirm(msg) Application Display a confirmation dialog.
copy(target) File Copy the file to the given location.
create() Folder Create a new folder.
dispatchEvent(evt) EventTarget Dispatches an event to the invoking object.
empty() EnterSelection Test if there are any DOM elements in the selection.
empty() Selection Test if there are any DOM elements in the selection.
equals(otherVector) Vector Compare two vectors for equivalence.
equals(otherRotation) Rotation Compare two rotation vectors for equivalence.
equals(otherColor) Color Compare two colors for equivalence.
execute() File Run or open the file.
getBoolean(key) ActionDescriptor get the value of a key of type boolean
getBoolean(index) ActionList get the value of an item of type boolean
hasAttribute(name) Element
hasAttributeNS(namespaceURI,localName) Element
hasAttributes() Node
hasChildNodes() Node
hasExtension(extension) SVGTests
hasFeature(feature,version) DOMImplementation
haskey(key) ActionDescriptor does the descriptor contain the provided key?
hasOwnProperty(propertyOrMethodName) Object Determines if the object/instance itself has the named property or method.
isBuffered(libraryResource) Presentation Is a Music/Video buffered yet?
isEqual(color) ActionDescriptor return true if the provided color is visually equal to this color
isFinite(num) Global Returns false if the supplied number is NaN, Infinity or -Infinity; returns true otherwise.
isIdentity() Matrix Is this an identity matrix?
isNaN(num) Global Returns true if the supplied number is NaN, false otherwise.
isPrototypeOf(instanceToTest) Object Determines if the calling object prototype is in the inheritance chain for the supplied argument.
isSupported(feature,version) Node
open(mode,[type],[creator]) File Open the file for read/write operations.
propertyIsEnumerable(propertyOrMethodName) Object Determines if the object/instance itself has a property or method of the supplied name which will appear in a for (prop in obj) enumeration.
remove() File Delete the file.
remove() Folder Delete the folder.
rename(newName) Folder Rename the folder.
rename(newName) File Rename the file.
seek(pos,mode) File Seek to a location in the file.
test(sourceString) RegExp Run the regular expression against a string; return true if a match exists, false otherwise.
write(str1,[str2],[...]) File Write string data to the file.
writeln(str1,[str2],[...]) File Write string data to the file.

Arguments that are a Boolean

name in method of object description
altKeyArg initMouseEvent(typeArg,canBubbleArg,cancelableArg,…) [events] MouseEvent
antiAlias ance range(tolerance,antiAlias) [pshop] Selection
antiAlias similar(tolerance,antiAlias) [pshop] Selection
antiAlias select(region,[type],[feather],…) [pshop] Selection
asCopy saveAs(saveIn,[options],[asCopy],…) [pshop] Document
blackPointCompensation print([postScriptEncoding],[sourceSpace],[printSpace],…) [pshop] Document
blackPointCompensation convertProfile(destinationProfile,intent,[blackPointCompensation],…) [pshop] Document
bottom trim([type],[top],[left],…) [pshop] Document
canBubbleArg initMutationEvent(typeArg,canBubbleArg,cancelableArg,…) [events] MutationEvent
canBubbleArg initEvent(eventTypeArg,canBubbleArg,cancelableArg) [events] Event Specifies whether or not the e
canBubbleArg initUIEvent(typeArg,canBubbleArg,cancelableArg,…) [events] UIEvent
canBubbleArg initMouseEvent(typeArg,canBubbleArg,cancelableArg,…) [events] MouseEvent
cancelableArg initMutationEvent(typeArg,canBubbleArg,cancelableArg,…) [events] MutationEvent
cancelableArg initMouseEvent(typeArg,canBubbleArg,cancelableArg,…) [events] MouseEvent
cancelableArg initEvent(eventTypeArg,canBubbleArg,cancelableArg) [events] Event Specifies whether or not the e
cancelableArg initUIEvent(typeArg,canBubbleArg,cancelableArg,…) [events] UIEvent
capturePhase on(eventName,eventHandler,capturePhase) [d3] Selection Corresponds to the W3C useCapture flag.
ctrlKeyArg initMouseEvent(typeArg,canBubbleArg,cancelableArg,…) [events] MouseEvent
deep cloneNode(deep) [dom] Node If true, recursiv
deep importNode(importedNode,deep) [dom] Document If true, recursiv
dither convertProfile(destinationProfile,intent,[blackPointCompensation],…) [pshop] Document
intoSelection paste([intoSelection]) [pshop] Document
invert applyGlassEffect(distortion,smoothness,scaling,…) [pshop] ArtLayer
inverting load(from,[combination],[inverting]) [pshop] Selection
largeArcFlag createSVGPathSegArcAbs(x,y,r1,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
largeArcFlag createSVGPathSegArcRel(x,y,r1,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
left trim([type],[top],[left],…) [pshop] Document
merge clear([merge]) [pshop] ArtLayer
merge copy([merge]) [pshop] Selection
metaKeyArg initMouseEvent(typeArg,canBubbleArg,cancelableArg,…) [events] MouseEvent
monochromatic applyAddNoise(amount,distribution,monochromatic) [pshop] ArtLayer
monochrome mixChannels([monochrome],outputChannels) [pshop] ArtLayer
preserveLuminosity adjustColorBalance([shadows],[midtones],[highlights],…) [pshop] ArtLayer
preserveTransparency fill(fillType,[mode],[opacity],…) [pshop] Selection
preserveTransparency stroke(strokeColor,width,[location],…) [pshop] Selection
right trim([type],[top],[left],…) [pshop] Document
setFlag classed(name,setFlag) [d3] Selection Whether to add or remove the class name. If this parameter is not a boolean it is forced to one.
shiftKeyArg initMouseEvent(typeArg,canBubbleArg,cancelableArg,…) [events] MouseEvent
sweepFlag createSVGPathSegArcAbs(x,y,r1,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
sweepFlag createSVGPathSegArcRel(x,y,r1,…) [svg] SVGPathElement
top trim([type],[top],[left],…) [pshop] Document
useBackface intersect(useBackface,globalOrigin,globalDirection,…) [anark] Model Check for intersection with ba
useCapture removeEventListener(type,listener,useCapture) [events] EventTarget
useCapture addEventListener(type,listener,useCapture) [events] EventTarget
value putBoolean(key,value) [pshop] ActionDescriptor
value putBoolean(value) [pshop] ActionList