CSSStyleSheet in DOM Level 2 CSS

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Inherits from:

Instance Properties

name type description
cssRules CSSRuleList (read only)
disabled Boolean [from StyleSheet]
href String (read only) [from StyleSheet]
media MediaList (read only) [from StyleSheet]
ownerNode Node (read only) [from StyleSheet]
ownerRule CSSRule (read only)
parentStyleSheet StyleSheet (read only) [from StyleSheet]
title String (read only) [from StyleSheet]
type String (read only) [from StyleSheet]

Instance Methods

name returns description
deleteRule(index) (none)
insertRule(rule,index) Number

Properties that are a CSSStyleSheet

name object description
parentStyleSheet CSSRule (read only)
styleSheet CSSImportRule (read only)

Methods that return a CSSStyleSheet

name of object description
createCSSStyleSheet(title,media) DOMImplementationCSS