Selection in Photoshop DOM

The selection of the document.

Instance Properties

name type description
parent Object (read only)
typename String (read only)

Instance Methods

name returns description
ance range(tolerance,antiAlias) (none)
clear() (none) clear selection
contract(by) (none) contracts the selection
copy([merge]) (none) copy selection to the clipboard
deselect() (none) expand
expand selection(by) (none)
feather(by) (none) feather edges of selection
fill(fillType,[mode],[opacity],…) (none) fills the selection
grow() (none) grow selection to include all adjacent pixels falling within the specified toler44
load(from,[combination],[inverting]) (none) load the selection from a channel
resizeBoundary([horizontal],[vertical],[anchor]) (none) scale the boundary of selection
rotateBoundary(angle,[anchor]) (none) rotates the boundary of selection
select(region,[type],[feather],…) (none) Select a new area.
selectAll() (none)
selectBorder(width) (none) select the border of the selection
similar(tolerance,antiAlias) (none) grow selection to include pixels throughout the image falling within the tolerance range
smooth(radius) (none)
store(into,[combination]) (none) save the selection as a channel
stroke(strokeColor,width,[location],…) (none) strokes the selection
translateBoundary([deltaX],[deltaY]) (none) moves the boundary of selection relative to its current position

Properties that are a Selection

name object description
selection Document (read only) the document's selection