myColor.saturation( saturationFactor ) in Anark Studio 2.5

Change the saturation of the color.


saturationFactor Number Factor to modify the saturatio
Return Type


The RGB components of the color are modified by linearly interpolating the component between an unsaturated value and its current value using the following formula: Approximate values for each component's contribution to luminance are based upon the NTSC standard described in ITU-R Recommendation BT.709. grey = * 0.2125 + * 0.7154 + * 0.0721 new = grey + Saturation * (current - grey) The saturationFactor parameter is the weighting factor of the interpolation. If saturationFactor is 0.0, then the color becomes greyscale. If it is 1.0, then the new color is the same as the original. If it is greater than 1.0, then the color's saturation is increased..