Application in Photoshop DOM

The Adobe Photoshop application.

Instance Properties

name type description
activeDocument Document The frontmost document
arguments Array (read only)
backgroundColor SolidColor
colorSettings Object Name of selected color settings' set
displayDialogs DialogModes Whether or not Photoshop displays dialogs
documents Array (read only)
foregroundColor SolidColor
freeMemory Number (read only) Amount of unused memory available to Adobe Photoshop
name String (read only) The application's name
parent Object (read only)
path File (read only) The full path of the location of the Photoshop application
preferences Preferences (read only)
scriptingVersion String (read only) The version of the Scripting interface
serialNumber String (read only) The serial number of Photoshop
typename String (read only)
version String (read only) The version of Adobe Photoshop application

Instance Methods

name returns description
alert(msg) (none) Display an alert dialog.
beep() (none) Invoke a system beep.
charIDToTypeID(charID) Number Convert from a four character code to a runtime ID
confirm(msg) Boolean Display a confirmation dialog.
doAction(action,from) (none) Play an action from the Actions Palette.
executeAction(eventID,[descriptor],[displayDialogs]) ActionDescriptor Play an ActionManager event.
executeActionGet(reference) ActionDescriptor Obtain an action descriptor.
open(doc,[as]) Document Open the specified document.
purge(target) (none) Purges one or more caches.
stringIDToTypeID(stringID) Number Convert from a string ID to a runtime ID.
typeIDToCharID(typeID) String Convert from a runtime ID to a character ID.
typeIDToStringID(typeID) String Convert from a runtime ID to a string ID.


An instance of this object is the default scope in which scripts are run.