Document in Photoshop DOM

An open Photoshop document.

Instance Properties

name type description
activeChannels Array selected channels for document
activeHistoryBrushSource HistoryState the current history state to use with the history brush for this document
activeHistoryState HistoryState the current history state for this document
activeLayer ArtLayer selected layer for document
artLayers ArtLayers (read only)
backgroundLayer ArtLayer (read only) background layer for the document
bitsPerChannel Number number of bits for each channel (8 or 16)
channels Channels (read only)
colorProfileName String name of color profile for document
colorProfileType ColorProfile type of color profile management for document
componentChannels Array (read only) all color component channels for this document
fullName File (read only) full path name of document
height Number (read only) height of document (unit value)
histogram Array (read only) a histogram of values for the composite document (only for RGB, CMYK and 'Indexed colors' documents)
historyStates HistoryStates (read only)
info DocumentInfo (read only) document information
layers Layers (read only)
layerSets LayerSets (read only)
managed Boolean (read only) is the document a workgroup document?
mode DocumentMode (read only) document mode
modified Date (read only) The date of the Folder's last modification.
name String (read only) the document's name
parent Object (read only)
path File (read only) the path of the document
quickMaskMode Boolean is the document in the quick mask mode?
resolution Number (read only) the resolution of the document (in pixels per inch)
saved Boolean (read only) has the document been saved since last change?
selection Selection (read only) the document's selection
typename String (read only)
width Number (read only) width of document (unit value)

Instance Methods

name returns description
changeMode(destinationMode,[options]) (none) change the mode of the document
close([saving]) (none) close the document
convertProfile(destinationProfile,intent,[blackPointCompensation],…) (none) convert the document from using one color profile to using another
crop(bounds,[angle],[width],…) (none) crop the document
exportDocument(exportIn,[exportAs],[options]) (none)
flatten() (none) flatten all layers in the document
flipCanvas(direction) (none) flip the canvas horizontally or vertically
importAnnotations(file) (none) import annotations into the document
mergeVisibleLayers() (none) flatten all visible layers in the document
paste([intoSelection]) ArtLayer paste contents of clipbopard into the document
print([postScriptEncoding],[sourceSpace],[printSpace],…) (none) print the document
rasterizeAllLayers() (none) rasterize all layers
resizeCanvas([width],[height],[anchor]) (none) change the size of the canvas
resizeImage([width],[height],[resolution],…) (none) change the size of the image
revealAll() (none) expand document to show clipped sections
rotateCanvas(angle) (none) rotate canvas of document
save() (none) save the document
saveAs(saveIn,[options],[asCopy],…) (none) save the document with specific save options
splitChannels() Array split channels of the document
trap(width) (none) apply trap to a CMYK document
trim([type],[top],[left],…) (none)

Properties that are a Document

name object description
activeDocument Application The frontmost document

Methods that return a Document

name of object description
add([width],[height],[resolution],…) Documents
open(doc,[as]) Application Open the specified document.