myArray.slice( start, [ end ] ) in ECMAScript 262

Return a specified section of an array.


start Number The index to start copying fro
end Number [optional] The index to copy up until.
Return Type


A new array is created, and values from the original array are copied into it, starting at the start index and up to (but not including) the end index. If end is omitted, the copying continues from start until the end of the array.

If either start or end are negative, they are treated as offsets from the end of the array. For example:

var colors = [ 'black' , 'white' , 'orange' , 'green' , 'red' ];
var firstTwo = colors.slice(0,2);   // ['black','white']
var secondPair = colors.slice(2,4);   // ['orange','green']
var lastTwo = colors.slice(-2);   // ['green','red']
var thirdFromTheEnd = colors.slice(-3,-2);   // ['orange']
var allButTheLastTwo = colors.slice(0,-2);   // ['black','white','orange'];

If the calculated end point is less than or equal to the calculated start point, an empty array is returned.