HTMLFormElement in DOM Level 2 HTML

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Instance Properties

name type description
acceptCharset String
action String
attributes NamedNodeMap (read only) [from Node]
childNodes NodeList (read only) [from Node]
className String [from HTMLElement]
dir String [from HTMLElement]
elements HTMLCollection (read only)
enctype String
firstChild Node (read only) [from Node]
id String [from HTMLElement]
lang String [from HTMLElement]
lastChild Node (read only) [from Node]
length Number (read only)
localName String (read only) [from Node]
method String
name String
namespaceURI String (read only) [from Node]
nextSibling Node (read only) [from Node]
nodeName String (read only) [from Node]
nodeType Number (read only) [from Node]
nodeValue String [from Node]
ownerDocument Document (read only) [from Node]
parentNode Node (read only) [from Node]
prefix String [from Node]
previousSibling Node (read only) [from Node]
tagName String (read only) [from Element]
target String
title String [from HTMLElement]

Instance Methods

name returns description
addEventListener(type,listener,useCapture) (none) [from EventTarget]
appendChild(newChild) Node [from Node]
cloneNode(deep) Node Return a new copy of the node. [from Node]
dispatchEvent(evt) Boolean Dispatches an event to the invoking object. [from EventTarget]
getAttribute(name) String [from Element]
getAttributeNode(name) Attr [from Element]
getAttributeNodeNS(namespaceURI,localName) Attr [from Element]
getAttributeNS(namespaceURI,localName) String [from Element]
getElementsByTagName(name) NodeList [from Element]
getElementsByTagNameNS(namespaceURI,localName) NodeList [from Element]
hasAttribute(name) Boolean [from Element]
hasAttributeNS(namespaceURI,localName) Boolean [from Element]
hasAttributes() Boolean [from Node]
hasChildNodes() Boolean [from Node]
insertBefore(newChild,refChild) Node [from Node]
isSupported(feature,version) Boolean [from Node]
normalize() (none) [from Node]
removeAttribute(name) (none) [from Element]
removeAttributeNode(oldAttr) Attr [from Element]
removeAttributeNS(namespaceURI,localName) (none) [from Element]
removeChild(oldChild) Node [from Node]
removeEventListener(type,listener,useCapture) (none) [from EventTarget]
replaceChild(newChild,oldChild) Node [from Node]
reset() (none)
setAttribute(name,value) (none) [from Element]
setAttributeNode(newAttr) Attr [from Element]
setAttributeNodeNS(newAttr) Attr [from Element]
setAttributeNS(namespaceURI,qualifiedName,value) (none) [from Element]
submit() (none)

Properties that are an HTMLFormElement

name object description
form HTMLSelectElement (read only)
form HTMLOptionElement (read only)
form HTMLInputElement (read only)
form HTMLTextAreaElement (read only)
form HTMLButtonElement (read only)
form HTMLLabelElement (read only)
form HTMLFieldSetElement (read only)
form HTMLLegendElement (read only)
form HTMLObjectElement (read only)
form HTMLIsIndexElement (read only)