TextItem in Photoshop DOM

The text contained in an ArtLayer

Instance Properties

name type description
alternateLigatures Boolean use alternate ligatures?
antiAliasMethod AntiAlias
autoKerning Boolean whether to use a font's built-in kerning information
autoLeadingAmount Number percentage to use for auto leading
baselineShift Number baseline offset of text (unit value)
capitalization Case the case of the text
contents String the text in the layer
desiredGlyphScaling Number
desiredLetterScaling Number
desiredWordScaling Number
direction Direction text orientation
fauxBold Boolean use faux bold?
fauxItalic Boolean use faux italic?
firstLineIndent Number (unit value)
font String text face of the character
hangingPuntuation Boolean use Roman Hanging Punctuation?
height Number the height of paragraph text (unit value)
horizontalScale Number horizontal scaling of characters (in percent)
hyphenateAfterFirst Number hyphenate after this many letters
hyphenateBeforeLast Number hyphenate before this many letters
hyphenateCapitalWords Boolean whether to hyphenate capitalized words
hyphenateWordsLongerThan Number hyphenate words that have more than this number of letters
hyphenation Boolean use hyphenation?
hyphenationZone Number the hyphenation zone (unit value)
hyphenLimit Number maximum number of consecutive hyphens
justification Justification paragraph justification
kind TextType the type of the text
language Language
leading Number leading (unit value)
leftIndent Number (unit value)
ligatures Boolean use ligatures?
maximumGlyphScaling Number
maximumLetterScaling Number
maximumWordScaling Number
minimumGlyphScaling Number
minimumLetterScaling Number
minimumWordScaling Number
noBreak Boolean
oldStyle Boolean use old style?
parent Object (read only)
position Array array of two numbers; position of origin (unit value)
rightIndent Number (unit value)
size Number font size in points
spaceAfter Number (unit value)
spaceBefore Number (unit value)
strikeThru Boolean
textComposer TextComposer type of text composing engine to use
tracking Number controls uniform spacing between multiple characters
typename String (read only)
underline Boolean
useAutoLeading Boolean whether to use a font's built-in leading information
verticalScale Number vertical scaling of characters (in percent)
warpBend Number percentage from -100 to 100
warpDirection Direction
warpHorizontalDistortion Number percentage from -100 to 100
warpStyle WarpStyle
warpVerticalDistortion Number percentage from -100 to 100
width Number the width of paragraph text (unit value)

Instance Methods

name returns description
convertToShape() (none) converts the text item and its containing layer to a fill layer with the text changed to a clipping path
createPath() (none) creates a work path based on the text item

Properties that are a TextItem

name object description
textItem ArtLayer (read only) the text item that is associated with the art layer. Only valid for art layers whose 'has text' is true