name object type description
_11 [anark] Matrix Number
_12 [anark] Matrix Number
_13 [anark] Matrix Number
_14 [anark] Matrix Number
_21 [anark] Matrix Number
_22 [anark] Matrix Number
_23 [anark] Matrix Number
_24 [anark] Matrix Number
_31 [anark] Matrix Number
_32 [anark] Matrix Number
_33 [anark] Matrix Number
_34 [anark] Matrix Number
_41 [anark] Matrix Number
_42 [anark] Matrix Number
_43 [anark] Matrix Number
_44 [anark] Matrix Number
a [pshop] LabColor Number the a-value (between -128.0 and 127.0)
a [svg] SVGMatrix Number
a [anark] Color Number Alpha/Opacity
abbr [html] HTMLTableCellElement String
absoluteURI [pshop] Folder String (read only) The full path name for the Folder in URI notation.
absoluteURI [pshop] File String (read only) The full path name for the file in URI notation.
accept [html] HTMLInputElement String
acceptCharset [html] HTMLFormElement String
accessKey [html] HTMLButtonElement String
accessKey [html] HTMLLabelElement String
accessKey [html] HTMLAnchorElement String
accessKey [html] HTMLLegendElement String
accessKey [html] HTMLInputElement String
accessKey [html] HTMLTextAreaElement String
accessKey [html] HTMLAreaElement String
action [html] HTMLFormElement String
active [anark] Asset Boolean Should this asset be drawn?
activeChannels [pshop] Document Array selected channels for document
activeDocument [pshop] Application Document The frontmost document
activeHistoryBrushSource [pshop] Document HistoryState the current history state to use with the history brush for this document
activeHistoryState [pshop] Document HistoryState the current history state for this document
activeLayer [pshop] Document ArtLayer selected layer for document
additionalPluginFolder [pshop] Preferences File
alias [pshop] File Boolean (read only) Is the file a file system alias?
alias [pshop] Folder Boolean (read only) Is the Folder a file-system alias?
align [html] HTMLTableSectionElement String
align [html] HTMLAppletElement String
align [html] HTMLTableCellElement String
align [html] HTMLImageElement String
align [html] HTMLLegendElement String
align [html] HTMLObjectElement String
align [html] HTMLTableCaptionElement String
align [html] HTMLTableColElement String
align [html] HTMLInputElement String
align [html] HTMLTableRowElement String
align [html] HTMLIFrameElement String
align [html] HTMLDivElement String
align [html] HTMLParagraphElement String
align [html] HTMLHeadingElement String
align [html] HTMLHRElement String
align [html] HTMLTableElement String
align [svg] SVGPreserveAspectRatio Number
aLink [html] HTMLBodyElement String
allLocked [pshop] LayerSet Boolean
allLocked [pshop] ArtLayer Boolean
alphaChannels [pshop] PDFSaveOptions Boolean save alpha channels
alphaChannels [pshop] BMPSaveOptions Boolean save alpha channels
alphaChannels [pshop] TiffSaveOptions Boolean save alpha channels
alphaChannels [pshop] SGIRGBSaveOptions Boolean save alpha channels
alphaChannels [pshop] RawSaveOptions Boolean save alpha channels
alphaChannels [pshop] PixarSaveOptions Boolean save alpha channels
alphaChannels [pshop] PhotoshopSaveOptions Boolean save alpha channels
alphaChannels [pshop] PICTResourceSaveOptions Boolean save alpha channels
alphaChannels [pshop] PICTFileSaveOptions Boolean save alpha channels
alt [html] HTMLImageElement String
alt [html] HTMLInputElement String
alt [html] HTMLAppletElement String
alt [html] HTMLAreaElement String
alternateLigatures [pshop] TextItem Boolean use alternate ligatures?
altKey [events] MouseEvent Boolean (read only) Was the 'alt' key depressed when this event was fired?
ambient [anark] Material Color Ambient color.
ambient [anark] Light Color Ambient scene color.
amplitude [svg] SVGComponentTransferFunctionElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
anchors [html] HTMLDocument HTMLCollection (read only)
angle [svg] SVGTransform Number (read only)
angle [svg] SVGPathSegArcRel Number
angle [pshop] BitmapConversionOptions Number (only valid for 'halftone screen' conversions)
angle [svg] SVGPathSegArcAbs Number
animatedInstanceRoot [svg] SVGUseElement SVGElementInstance (read only)
animatedNormalizedPathSegList [svg] SVGAnimatedPathData SVGPathSegList (read only)
animatedPathSegList [svg] SVGAnimatedPathData SVGPathSegList (read only)
animatedPoints [svg] SVGAnimatedPoints SVGPointList (read only)
animVal [svg] SVGAnimatedInteger Number (read only)
animVal [svg] SVGAnimatedLengthList SVGLengthList (read only)
animVal [svg] SVGAnimatedAngle SVGAngle (read only)
animVal [svg] SVGAnimatedEnumeration Number (read only)
animVal [svg] SVGAnimatedLength SVGLength (read only)
animVal [svg] SVGAnimatedNumberList SVGNumberList (read only)
animVal [svg] SVGAnimatedPreserveAspectRatio SVGPreserveAspectRatio (read only)
animVal [svg] SVGAnimatedNumber Number (read only)
animVal [svg] SVGAnimatedTransformList SVGTransformList (read only)
animVal [svg] SVGAnimatedString String (read only)
animVal [svg] SVGAnimatedBoolean Boolean (read only)
animVal [svg] SVGAnimatedRect SVGRect (read only)
annotations [pshop] PhotoshopSaveOptions Boolean save annotations
annotations [pshop] TiffSaveOptions Boolean save annotations
annotations [pshop] PDFSaveOptions Boolean save annotations
antiAlias [pshop] PDFOpenOptions Boolean use antialias?
antiAlias [pshop] EPSOpenOptions Boolean use antialias?
antiAliasMethod [pshop] TextItem AntiAlias
appendExtension [pshop] Preferences SaveBehavior
applets [html] HTMLDocument HTMLCollection (read only)
archive [html] HTMLObjectElement String
archive [html] HTMLAppletElement String
areas [html] HTMLMapElement HTMLCollection (read only)
arguments [js] Function Array An array of all parameters passed to the function/method.
arguments [pshop] Application Array (read only)
artLayers [pshop] Document ArtLayers (read only)
artLayers [pshop] LayerSet ArtLayers (read only)
askBeforeSavingLayeredTIFF [pshop] Preferences Boolean
attrChange [events] MutationEvent Number (read only)
attributes [dom] Node NamedNodeMap (read only)
attrName [events] MutationEvent String (read only)
author [pshop] DocumentInfo String
authorPosition [pshop] DocumentInfo String
autoKerning [pshop] TextItem Boolean whether to use a font's built-in kerning information
autoLeadingAmount [pshop] TextItem Number percentage to use for auto leading
autoUpdateOpenDocuments [pshop] Preferences Boolean
axis [html] HTMLTableCellElement String
azimuth [svg] SVGFEDistantLightElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
azimuth [css] CSS2Properties String
b [svg] SVGMatrix Number
b [anark] Color Number Blue
b [pshop] LabColor Number the b-value (between -128.0 and 127.0)
background [html] HTMLBodyElement String
background [css] CSS2Properties String
backgroundAttachment [css] CSS2Properties String
backgroundColor [pshop] Application SolidColor
backgroundColor [anark] Scene Color The background color for the scene.
backgroundColor [css] CSS2Properties String
backgroundImage [css] CSS2Properties String
backgroundLayer [pshop] Document ArtLayer (read only) background layer for the document
backgroundPosition [css] CSS2Properties String
backgroundRepeat [css] CSS2Properties String
balance [anark] Music Number Left-to-right balance of the audio.
balance [anark] Sound Number Left-to-right balance of the sound.
balance [anark] Video Number Left-to-right balance of the audio.
baseFrequencyX [svg] SVGFETurbulenceElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
baseFrequencyY [svg] SVGFETurbulenceElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
baselineShift [pshop] TextItem Number baseline offset of text (unit value)
baseVal [svg] SVGAnimatedLength SVGLength (read only)
baseVal [svg] SVGAnimatedTransformList SVGTransformList (read only)
baseVal [svg] SVGAnimatedRect SVGRect (read only)
baseVal [svg] SVGAnimatedPreserveAspectRatio SVGPreserveAspectRatio (read only)
baseVal [svg] SVGAnimatedBoolean Boolean
baseVal [svg] SVGAnimatedString String
baseVal [svg] SVGAnimatedEnumeration Number
baseVal [svg] SVGAnimatedInteger Number
baseVal [svg] SVGAnimatedAngle SVGAngle (read only)
baseVal [svg] SVGAnimatedNumber Number
baseVal [svg] SVGAnimatedNumberList SVGNumberList (read only)
baseVal [svg] SVGAnimatedLengthList SVGLengthList (read only)
beepWhenDone [pshop] Preferences Boolean
behaviors [anark] Asset Collection (read only) All Behavior objects attached under this asset.
bgColor [html] HTMLBodyElement String
bgColor [html] HTMLTableCellElement String
bgColor [html] HTMLTableElement String
bgColor [html] HTMLTableRowElement String
bias [svg] SVGFEConvolveMatrixElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
bitsPerChannel [pshop] Document Number number of bits for each channel (8 or 16)
black [pshop] CMYKColor Number the black color value (between 0.0 and 100.0)
blendMode [anark] Material Number Various ways to blend this material with the rest of the scene.
blendMode [pshop] ArtLayer BlendMode
blendMode [pshop] LayerSet BlendMode
blue [pshop] RGBColor Number the blue color value (between 0.0 and 255.0)
blue [css] RGBColor CSSPrimitiveValue (read only)
body [html] HTMLDocument HTMLElement
border [html] HTMLImageElement String
border [html] HTMLTableElement String
border [css] CSS2Properties String
border [html] HTMLObjectElement String
borderBottom [css] CSS2Properties String
borderBottomColor [css] CSS2Properties String
borderBottomStyle [css] CSS2Properties String
borderBottomWidth [css] CSS2Properties String
borderCollapse [css] CSS2Properties String
borderColor [css] CSS2Properties String
borderLeft [css] CSS2Properties String
borderLeftColor [css] CSS2Properties String
borderLeftStyle [css] CSS2Properties String
borderLeftWidth [css] CSS2Properties String
borderRight [css] CSS2Properties String
borderRightColor [css] CSS2Properties String
borderRightStyle [css] CSS2Properties String
borderRightWidth [css] CSS2Properties String
borderSpacing [css] CSS2Properties String
borderStyle [css] CSS2Properties String
borderTop [css] CSS2Properties String
borderTopColor [css] CSS2Properties String
borderTopStyle [css] CSS2Properties String
borderTopWidth [css] CSS2Properties String
borderWidth [css] CSS2Properties String
bottom [css] CSS2Properties String
bottom [css] Rect CSSPrimitiveValue (read only)
boxMax [anark] Model Vector (read only) Maximum bounding-box point.
boxMin [anark] Model Vector (read only) Minimum bounding-box point.
brightness [anark] Light Number Maximum light level.
brightness [pshop] HSBColor Number the brightness value (between 0.0 and 100.0)
bubbles [events] Event Boolean (read only)
buffered [anark] Video Boolean (read only) Is the video buffered and ready to play?
buffered [anark] Music Boolean (read only) Is the music buffered and ready to play?
button [events] MouseEvent Number (read only) Which mouse button was pressed?
byteOrder [pshop] RawFormatOpenOptions ByteOrder only relevant for images with 16 bits per channel
byteOrder [pshop] TiffSaveOptions ByteOrder
c [svg] SVGMatrix Number
cameras [anark] Node Collection (read only) All cameras attached to this object.
cancelable [events] Event Boolean (read only)
capitalization [pshop] TextItem Case the case of the text
caption [html] HTMLTableElement HTMLTableCaptionElement
caption [pshop] DocumentInfo String
captionSide [css] CSS2Properties String
captionWriter [pshop] DocumentInfo String
category [pshop] DocumentInfo String
cellIndex [html] HTMLTableCellElement Number (read only)
cellPadding [html] HTMLTableElement String
cells [html] HTMLTableRowElement HTMLCollection (read only)
cellSpacing [html] HTMLTableElement String
ch [html] HTMLTableColElement String
ch [html] HTMLTableSectionElement String
ch [html] HTMLTableCellElement String
ch [html] HTMLTableRowElement String
channelNumber [pshop] RawFormatOpenOptions Number number of channels in image
channels [pshop] Document Channels (read only)
charset [html] HTMLLinkElement String
charset [html] HTMLScriptElement String
charset [html] HTMLAnchorElement String
checked [html] HTMLInputElement Boolean
childNodes [svg] SVGElementInstance SVGElementInstanceList (read only)
childNodes [dom] Node NodeList (read only)
chOff [html] HTMLTableColElement String
chOff [html] HTMLTableCellElement String
chOff [html] HTMLTableSectionElement String
chOff [html] HTMLTableRowElement String
cite [html] HTMLModElement String
cite [html] HTMLQuoteElement String
city [pshop] DocumentInfo String
className [svg] SVGStylable SVGAnimatedString (read only)
className [html] HTMLElement String
clear [css] CSS2Properties String
clear [html] HTMLBRElement String
clickable [anark] Node Boolean Can this object be clicked on?
clientX [events] MouseEvent Number (read only)
clientY [events] MouseEvent Number (read only)
clip [css] CSS2Properties String
clipFar [anark] Camera Number Rear clipping plane distance.
clipNear [anark] Camera Number Front clipping plane distance.
clipPathUnits [svg] SVGClipPathElement SVGAnimatedEnumeration (read only)
cmyk [pshop] SolidColor CMYKColor
code [events] EventException Number
code [dom] DOMException Number
code [svg] SVGException Number
code [html] HTMLObjectElement String
code [html] HTMLAppletElement String
codeBase [html] HTMLAppletElement String
codeBase [html] HTMLObjectElement String
codeType [html] HTMLObjectElement String
color [css] CSS2Properties String
color [anark] Layer Color Background color for the layer.
color [pshop] Channel SolidColor color of text
color [html] HTMLBaseFontElement String
color [html] HTMLFontElement String
colorChannelsInColor [pshop] Preferences Boolean
colorPicker [pshop] Preferences ColorPicker
colorProfile [svg] SVGICCColor String
colorProfileName [pshop] Document String name of color profile for document
colorProfileName [pshop] PhotoCDOpenOptions String profile to use when reading the image
colorProfileType [pshop] Document ColorProfile type of color profile management for document
colors [pshop] IndexedConversionOptions Number number of colors in palette (only settable for some palette types)
colors [svg] SVGICCColor SVGNumberList (read only)
colors [pshop] GIFSaveOptions Number number of colors in palette (only settable for some palette types)
colorSettings [pshop] Application Object Name of selected color settings' set
colorSpace [pshop] PhotoCDOpenOptions PhotoCDColorSpace colorspace for image
colorType [svg] SVGColor Number (read only)
cols [html] HTMLFrameSetElement String
cols [html] HTMLTextAreaElement Number
colSpan [html] HTMLTableCellElement Number
columnGutter [pshop] Preferences Number gutter of columns (in points)
columnWidth [pshop] Preferences Number width of columns (in points)
compact [html] HTMLMenuElement Boolean
compact [html] HTMLUListElement Boolean
compact [html] HTMLDirectoryElement Boolean
compact [html] HTMLOListElement Boolean
compact [html] HTMLDListElement Boolean
componentChannels [pshop] Document Array (read only) all color component channels for this document
compression [pshop] PICTResourceSaveOptions PICTCompression
compression [pshop] PICTFileSaveOptions PICTCompression
constrainProportions [pshop] PDFOpenOptions Boolean constrain proportions of image
constrainProportions [pshop] EPSOpenOptions Boolean constrain proportions of image
constructor [js] Object Object A reference to the constructor class for the current object instance.
container [anark] Player Container (read only) Playback container object.
containerName [anark] Player String (read only) Player type.
containerVersion [anark] Player String (read only) Container version number.
content [html] HTMLMetaElement String
content [css] CSS2Properties String
contentDocument [html] HTMLFrameElement Document (read only)
contentDocument [html] HTMLObjectElement Document (read only)
contentDocument [html] HTMLIFrameElement Document (read only)
contents [pshop] TextItem String the text in the layer
contentScriptType [svg] SVGSVGElement String
contentStyleType [svg] SVGSVGElement String
context [anark] Asset TimeContext (read only) The asset's local TimeContext object.
contextTime [anark] TimeContext Number Current time of the context.
contextType [anark] Asset Number Type of the TimeContext for this asset.
cookie [html] HTMLDocument String
coords [html] HTMLAreaElement String
coords [html] HTMLAnchorElement String
copyrighted [pshop] DocumentInfo CopyrightedType
copyrightNotice [pshop] DocumentInfo String
correspondingElement [svg] SVGElementInstance SVGElement (read only)
correspondingUseElement [svg] SVGElementInstance SVGUseElement (read only)
count [pshop] ActionList Number (read only) The number of items in the list
count [pshop] ActionDescriptor Number (read only) The number of keys contained in the descriptor
counterIncrement [css] CSS2Properties String
counterReset [css] CSS2Properties String
country [pshop] DocumentInfo String
created [pshop] Folder Date (read only) Creation date for the Folder.
created [pshop] File Date (read only) Creation date for the file.
createFirstSnapshot [pshop] Preferences Boolean automatically make first snapshot when a new document is created?
creationDate [pshop] DocumentInfo String
creator [pshop] File String (read only) The Macintosh file creator as a four-character string.
credit [pshop] DocumentInfo String
cssFloat [css] CSS2Properties String
cssRules [css] CSSStyleSheet CSSRuleList (read only)
cssRules [css] CSSMediaRule CSSRuleList (read only)
cssText [css] CSSRule String
cssText [css] CSSValue String
cssText [css] CSSStyleDeclaration String
cssValueType [css] CSSValue Number (read only)
ctrlKey [events] MouseEvent Boolean (read only) Was the 'ctrl' key depressed when this event was fired?
cue [css] CSS2Properties String
cueAfter [css] CSS2Properties String
cueBefore [css] CSS2Properties String
culling [anark] Material Number Type of culling to use.
current [pshop] Folder Folder The current folder.
currentScale [svg] SVGSVGElement Number
currentTarget [events] Event EventTarget (read only) The object to which the event handler was assigned.
currentTranslate [svg] SVGSVGElement SVGPoint (read only)
currentView [svg] SVGSVGElement SVGViewSpec (read only)
cursor [anark] Mouse Number Cursor type.
cursor [css] CSS2Properties String
cursorOverride [anark] Mouse Number Override cursor type.
cx [svg] SVGRadialGradientElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
cx [svg] SVGEllipseElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
cx [svg] SVGCircleElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
cy [svg] SVGRadialGradientElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
cy [svg] SVGCircleElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
cy [svg] SVGEllipseElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
cyan [pshop] CMYKColor Number the cyan color value (between 0.0 and 100.0)
d [svg] SVGMatrix Number
data [dom] ProcessingInstruction String
data [html] HTMLObjectElement String
data [dom] CharacterData String
dateTime [html] HTMLModElement String
dcs [pshop] DCS2_SaveOptions DCSType
dcs [pshop] DCS1_SaveOptions DCSType
declare [html] HTMLObjectElement Boolean
defaultChecked [html] HTMLInputElement Boolean
defaultSelected [html] HTMLOptionElement Boolean
defaultValue [html] HTMLInputElement String
defaultValue [html] HTMLTextAreaElement String
defaultView [views] DocumentView AbstractView (read only)
defer [html] HTMLScriptElement Boolean
depth [pshop] BMPSaveOptions BMPDepthType number of bits per sample
desiredGlyphScaling [pshop] TextItem Number
desiredLetterScaling [pshop] TextItem Number
desiredWordScaling [pshop] TextItem Number
detail [events] UIEvent Number (read only)
diffuse [anark] Light Color Light color.
diffuse [anark] Material Color Diffuse color.
diffuseConstant [svg] SVGFEDiffuseLightingElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
dir [html] HTMLElement String
direction [css] CSS2Properties String
direction [pshop] TextItem Direction text orientation
disabled [html] HTMLLinkElement Boolean
disabled [html] HTMLOptionElement Boolean
disabled [html] HTMLOptGroupElement Boolean
disabled [html] HTMLButtonElement Boolean
disabled [stylesheets] StyleSheet Boolean
disabled [html] HTMLStyleElement Boolean
disabled [html] HTMLSelectElement Boolean
disabled [html] HTMLTextAreaElement Boolean
disabled [html] HTMLInputElement Boolean
display [css] CSS2Properties String
displayDialogs [pshop] Application DialogModes Whether or not Photoshop displays dialogs
dither [pshop] GIFSaveOptions Dither type of dither
dither [pshop] IndexedConversionOptions Dither type of dither
ditherAmount [pshop] IndexedConversionOptions Number amount of dither (only valid for diffusion 1-100%)
ditherAmount [pshop] GIFSaveOptions Number amount of dither (only valid for diffusion 1-100%)
divisor [svg] SVGFEConvolveMatrixElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
doctype [dom] Document DocumentType (read only)
document [views] AbstractView DocumentView (read only)
documentElement [dom] Document Element (read only)
documents [pshop] Application Array (read only)
domain [html] HTMLDocument String (read only)
domain [svg] SVGDocument String (read only)
downgradeColorProfile [pshop] PDFSaveOptions Boolean should the embedded color profile be downgraded to version 2
duration [anark] Sound Number (read only) Length in seconds.
duration [anark] Music Number (read only) Length in seconds.
dx [svg] SVGTextPositioningElement SVGAnimatedLengthList (read only)
dx [svg] SVGGlyphRefElement Number
dx [svg] SVGFEOffsetElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
dy [svg] SVGFEOffsetElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
dy [svg] SVGGlyphRefElement Number
dy [svg] SVGTextPositioningElement SVGAnimatedLengthList (read only)
dynamicColorSliders [pshop] Preferences Boolean
e [svg] SVGMatrix Number
edgeMode [svg] SVGFEConvolveMatrixElement SVGAnimatedEnumeration (read only)
elements [html] HTMLFormElement HTMLCollection (read only)
elevation [css] CSS2Properties String
elevation [svg] SVGFEDistantLightElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
embedColorProfile [pshop] TiffSaveOptions Boolean embed color profile in document
embedColorProfile [pshop] DCS1_SaveOptions Boolean embed color profile in document
embedColorProfile [pshop] DCS2_SaveOptions Boolean embed color profile in document
embedColorProfile [pshop] EPSSaveOptions Boolean embed color profile in document
embedColorProfile [pshop] JPEGSaveOptions Boolean embed color profile in document
embedColorProfile [pshop] PhotoshopSaveOptions Boolean embed color profile in document
embedColorProfile [pshop] PICTResourceSaveOptions Boolean embed color profile in document
embedColorProfile [pshop] PICTFileSaveOptions Boolean embed color profile in document
embedColorProfile [pshop] PDFSaveOptions Boolean embed color profile in document
embedFonts [pshop] PDFSaveOptions Boolean embed fonts? (only valid if vector data is included)
emissivePower [anark] Material Number Intensity of emmisive power.
emptyCells [css] CSS2Properties String
enabledChannels [pshop] LayerSet Array channels that are enabled for the layer set
encoding [pshop] File String The encoding of the file for read/write operations.
encoding [pshop] DCS2_SaveOptions SaveEncoding type of encoding to use for document
encoding [pshop] DCS1_SaveOptions SaveEncoding type of encoding to use for document
encoding [pshop] EPSSaveOptions SaveEncoding type of encoding to use for document
encoding [css] CSSCharsetRule String
encoding [pshop] PDFSaveOptions PDFEncoding
enctype [html] HTMLFormElement String
endLifeTime [anark] Asset Number Ending time of the asset.
entities [dom] DocumentType NamedNodeMap (read only)
eof [pshop] File Boolean (read only) Is the file pointer at the end of the File?
error [pshop] Folder String The last file system error.
error [pshop] File String The last file system error.
event [html] HTMLScriptElement String
event [d3] d3 Event (read only) The current event (if any). Used for handling events during a callback invoked selection.on().
eventPhase [events] Event Number (read only) When/where did the event take place?
exif [pshop] DocumentInfo Object (read only)
exists [pshop] File Boolean (read only) Returns true if the path of this File refers to an existing file on disk.
exists [pshop] Folder Boolean (read only) Returns true if the path of this Folder refers to an existing file on disk.
expFade [anark] Light Number Exponential fade-off speed.
exponent [svg] SVGComponentTransferFunctionElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
exportClipboard [pshop] Preferences Boolean
externalResourcesRequired [svg] SVGExternalResourcesRequired SVGAnimatedBoolean (read only) Does the element require external data to be loaded before it can be rendered?
f [svg] SVGMatrix Number
face [html] HTMLFontElement String
face [html] HTMLBaseFontElement String
farthestViewportElement [svg] SVGLocatable SVGElement (read only)
fauxBold [pshop] TextItem Boolean use faux bold?
fauxItalic [pshop] TextItem Boolean use faux italic?
fillMode [anark] Material Number Controls solid/wireframe/point display.
fillOpacity [pshop] ArtLayer Number the interior opacity of the layer (between 0.0 and 100.0)
filterResX [svg] SVGFilterElement SVGAnimatedInteger (read only)
filterResY [svg] SVGFilterElement SVGAnimatedInteger (read only)
filterUnits [svg] SVGFilterElement SVGAnimatedEnumeration (read only)
firstChild [dom] Node Node (read only)
firstChild [svg] SVGElementInstance SVGElementInstance (read only)
firstLineIndent [pshop] TextItem Number (unit value)
flipRowOrder [pshop] BMPSaveOptions Boolean
fogColor [anark] Camera Color Color of the fog.
fogEnable [anark] Camera Boolean Use fog?
fogFar [anark] Camera Number Distance to fog 'white-out'.
fogNear [anark] Camera Number Distance to start of fog.
font [pshop] TextItem String text face of the character
font [css] CSS2Properties String
fontFamily [css] CSS2Properties String
fontSize [css] CSS2Properties String
fontSizeAdjust [css] CSS2Properties String
fontStretch [css] CSS2Properties String
fontStyle [css] CSS2Properties String
fontVariant [css] CSS2Properties String
fontWeight [css] CSS2Properties String
forced [pshop] IndexedConversionOptions ForcedColors
forced [pshop] GIFSaveOptions ForcedColors
foregroundColor [pshop] Application SolidColor
form [html] HTMLIsIndexElement HTMLFormElement (read only)
form [html] HTMLTextAreaElement HTMLFormElement (read only)
form [html] HTMLButtonElement HTMLFormElement (read only)
form [html] HTMLLabelElement HTMLFormElement (read only)
form [html] HTMLInputElement HTMLFormElement (read only)
form [html] HTMLFieldSetElement HTMLFormElement (read only)
form [html] HTMLLegendElement HTMLFormElement (read only)
form [html] HTMLSelectElement HTMLFormElement (read only)
form [html] HTMLObjectElement HTMLFormElement (read only)
form [html] HTMLOptionElement HTMLFormElement (read only)
format [svg] SVGAltGlyphElement String
format [svg] SVGGlyphRefElement String
formatOptions [pshop] JPEGSaveOptions FormatOptions
forms [html] HTMLDocument HTMLCollection (read only)
fov [anark] Camera Number Field of view.
frame [html] HTMLTableElement String
frameBorder [html] HTMLIFrameElement String
frameBorder [html] HTMLFrameElement String
freeMemory [pshop] Application Number (read only) Amount of unused memory available to Adobe Photoshop
frequency [pshop] BitmapConversionOptions Number (only valid for 'halftone screen' conversions)
fsName [pshop] File String (read only) The file-system-specific name of this File as a full path name.
fsName [pshop] Folder String (read only) The file-system-specific name of this Folder as a full path name.
fullName [pshop] Document File (read only) full path name of document
fullSizePreview [pshop] Preferences Boolean
fx [svg] SVGRadialGradientElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
fy [svg] SVGRadialGradientElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
g [anark] Color Number Green
gamutWarningOpacity [pshop] Preferences Number
global [js] RegExp Boolean (read only) The global flag for the regular expression.
glyphRef [svg] SVGAltGlyphElement String
glyphRef [svg] SVGGlyphRefElement String
gradientTransform [svg] SVGGradientElement SVGAnimatedTransformList (read only)
gradientUnits [svg] SVGGradientElement SVGAnimatedEnumeration (read only)
gray [pshop] GrayColor GrayColor
green [css] RGBColor CSSPrimitiveValue (read only)
green [pshop] RGBColor Number the green color value (between 0.0 and 255.0)
gridSize [pshop] Preferences GridSize
gridStyle [pshop] Preferences GridLineStyle
gridSubDivisions [pshop] Preferences Number
grouped [pshop] ArtLayer Boolean is the layer grouped with the layer below?
groups [anark] Node Collection (read only) All groups attached to this object.
guideStyle [pshop] Preferences GuideLineStyle
halftoneScreen [pshop] DCS1_SaveOptions Boolean include halftone screen
halftoneScreen [pshop] EPSSaveOptions Boolean include halftone screen
halftoneScreen [pshop] DCS2_SaveOptions Boolean include halftone screen
hangingPuntuation [pshop] TextItem Boolean use Roman Hanging Punctuation?
headers [html] HTMLTableCellElement String
headerSize [pshop] RawFormatOpenOptions Number
headline [pshop] DocumentInfo String
height [html] HTMLAppletElement String
height [svg] SVGRectElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
height [svg] SVGUseElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
height [pshop] Document Number (read only) height of document (unit value)
height [pshop] PDFOpenOptions Number height of image (unit value)
height [svg] SVGFilterElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
height [svg] SVGMaskElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
height [svg] SVGForeignObjectElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
height [svg] SVGFilterPrimitiveStandardAttributes SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
height [html] HTMLObjectElement String
height [svg] SVGPatternElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
height [svg] SVGRect Number
height [pshop] EPSOpenOptions Number height of image (unit value)
height [html] HTMLImageElement Number
height [anark] Layer Number Percentage height of the scene.
height [html] HTMLIFrameElement String
height [pshop] TextItem Number the height of paragraph text (unit value)
height [svg] SVGSVGElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
height [html] HTMLTableCellElement String
height [anark] Image Number (read only) Height of the image.
height [svg] SVGImageElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
height [pshop] RawFormatOpenOptions Number height of image (in pixels)
height [css] CSS2Properties String
hexValue [pshop] RGBColor String hex representation of this color
hidden [pshop] File Boolean Is the File invisible?
histogram [pshop] Document Array (read only) a histogram of values for the composite document (only for RGB, CMYK and 'Indexed colors' documents)
histogram [pshop] Channel Array (read only) a histogram of values for the channel
historyStates [pshop] Document HistoryStates (read only)
horizontalScale [pshop] TextItem Number horizontal scaling of characters (in percent)
href [html] HTMLAreaElement String
href [html] HTMLAnchorElement String
href [svg] SVGURIReference SVGAnimatedString (read only)
href [html] HTMLLinkElement String
href [css] CSSImportRule String (read only)
href [html] HTMLBaseElement String
href [stylesheets] StyleSheet String (read only)
hreflang [html] HTMLAnchorElement String
hreflang [html] HTMLLinkElement String
hsb [pshop] SolidColor HSBColor
hspace [html] HTMLAppletElement Number
hspace [html] HTMLImageElement Number
hspace [html] HTMLObjectElement Number
htmlFor [html] HTMLLabelElement String
htmlFor [html] HTMLScriptElement String
httpEquiv [html] HTMLMetaElement String
hue [pshop] HSBColor Number the hue value (between 0.0 and 360.0)
hyphenateAfterFirst [pshop] TextItem Number hyphenate after this many letters
hyphenateBeforeLast [pshop] TextItem Number hyphenate before this many letters
hyphenateCapitalWords [pshop] TextItem Boolean whether to hyphenate capitalized words
hyphenateWordsLongerThan [pshop] TextItem Number hyphenate words that have more than this number of letters
hyphenation [pshop] TextItem Boolean use hyphenation?
hyphenationZone [pshop] TextItem Number the hyphenation zone (unit value)
hyphenLimit [pshop] TextItem Number maximum number of consecutive hyphens
iccColor [svg] SVGColor SVGICCColor (read only)
iconPreview [pshop] Preferences Boolean
id [anark] Scene Number (read only) Unique ID for the scene.
id [html] HTMLElement String
id [svg] SVGElement String
id [anark] Asset Number (read only) Unique ID for the asset.
identifier [css] Counter String (read only)
ignoreCase [js] RegExp Boolean (read only) The case-insensitive flag for the regular expression.
imageCacheForHistograms [pshop] Preferences Boolean
imageCacheLevels [pshop] Preferences Number
imageCompression [pshop] TiffSaveOptions TIFFEncoding compression type
imagePreviews [pshop] Preferences SaveBehavior
images [html] HTMLDocument HTMLCollection (read only)
implementation [dom] Document DOMImplementation (read only)
in1 [svg] SVGFETileElement SVGAnimatedString (read only)
in1 [svg] SVGFEOffsetElement SVGAnimatedString (read only)
in1 [svg] SVGFEMorphologyElement SVGAnimatedString (read only)
in1 [svg] SVGFEMergeNodeElement SVGAnimatedString (read only)
in1 [svg] SVGFEGaussianBlurElement SVGAnimatedString (read only)
in1 [svg] SVGFEFloodElement SVGAnimatedString (read only)
in1 [svg] SVGFEDisplacementMapElement SVGAnimatedString (read only)
in1 [svg] SVGFEDiffuseLightingElement SVGAnimatedString (read only)
in1 [svg] SVGFESpecularLightingElement SVGAnimatedString (read only)
in1 [svg] SVGFECompositeElement SVGAnimatedString (read only)
in1 [svg] SVGFEComponentTransferElement SVGAnimatedString (read only)
in1 [svg] SVGFEColorMatrixElement SVGAnimatedString (read only)
in1 [svg] SVGFEBlendElement SVGAnimatedString (read only)
in2 [svg] SVGFEDisplacementMapElement SVGAnimatedString (read only)
in2 [svg] SVGFECompositeElement SVGAnimatedString (read only)
in2 [svg] SVGFEBlendElement SVGAnimatedString (read only)
index [html] HTMLOptionElement Number (read only)
Infinity [js] Global Infinity The static value "Infinity"
info [pshop] Document DocumentInfo (read only) document information
instanceRoot [svg] SVGUseElement SVGElementInstance (read only)
instructions [pshop] DocumentInfo String
intercept [svg] SVGComponentTransferFunctionElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
interlaced [pshop] GIFSaveOptions Boolean should rows be interlaced?
interlaced [pshop] PNGSaveOptions Boolean should rows be interlaced?
interleaveChannels [pshop] RawFormatOpenOptions Boolean are the channels in the image interleaved?
internalSubset [dom] DocumentType String (read only)
interpolation [pshop] DCS2_SaveOptions Boolean use image interpolation
interpolation [pshop] DCS1_SaveOptions Boolean use image interpolation
interpolation [pshop] EPSSaveOptions Boolean use image interpolation
interpolation [pshop] PDFSaveOptions Boolean use image interpolation?
interpolation [pshop] Preferences ResampleMethod
isBackgroundLayer [pshop] ArtLayer Boolean is the layer a background layer?
isMap [html] HTMLImageElement Boolean
jobName [pshop] DocumentInfo String
jpegQuality [pshop] PDFSaveOptions Number quality of produced image (0-12)
jumpTime [anark] TimeContext Number Total time length.
jumpTo [anark] TimeContext Number Time to return to when looping.
justification [pshop] TextItem Justification paragraph justification
k1 [svg] SVGFECompositeElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
k2 [svg] SVGFECompositeElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
k3 [svg] SVGFECompositeElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
k4 [svg] SVGFECompositeElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
kernelMatrix [svg] SVGFEConvolveMatrixElement SVGAnimatedNumberList (read only)
kernelUnitLengthX [svg] SVGFEConvolveMatrixElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
kernelUnitLengthX [svg] SVGFEDiffuseLightingElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
kernelUnitLengthY [svg] SVGFEDiffuseLightingElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
kernelUnitLengthY [svg] SVGFEConvolveMatrixElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
keyboardZoomResizesWindows [pshop] Preferences Boolean
keywords [pshop] DocumentInfo Array list of keywords
kind [pshop] TextItem TextType the type of the text
kind [pshop] ArtLayer LayerKind to create a text layer set this property to 'text layer' on an empty art layer of type 'normal'
kind [pshop] Channel ChannelType type of the channel
l [pshop] LabColor Number the L-value (between 0.0 and 100.0)
lab [pshop] SolidColor LabColor
label [html] HTMLOptGroupElement String
label [html] HTMLOptionElement String
lang [html] HTMLElement String
language [pshop] TextItem Language
largeArcFlag [svg] SVGPathSegArcRel Boolean
largeArcFlag [svg] SVGPathSegArcAbs Boolean
lastChild [svg] SVGElementInstance SVGElementInstance (read only)
lastChild [dom] Node Node (read only)
lastGlobalTransform [anark] Node Matrix (read only) Cumulative transformation applied to this object.
lastIndex [js] RegExp Number The string position at which to start the next match.
layerCompression [pshop] TiffSaveOptions LayerCompression should only be used when you are saving layers
layers [pshop] Document Layers (read only)
layers [anark] Scene Collection (read only) All Layer objects in the scene.
layers [pshop] LayerSet Layers (read only)
layers [pshop] PhotoshopSaveOptions Boolean save layers
layers [pshop] TiffSaveOptions Boolean save layers
layers [pshop] PDFSaveOptions Boolean save layers
layerSets [pshop] Document LayerSets (read only)
leading [pshop] TextItem Number leading (unit value)
left [css] Rect CSSPrimitiveValue (read only)
left [css] CSS2Properties String
leftIndent [pshop] TextItem Number (unit value)
length [pshop] ArtLayers Number (read only)
length [js] Array Number The number of items in the array.
length [html] HTMLSelectElement Number
length [js] Function Number (read only) The number of arguments declared with the function.
length [css] CSSValueList Number (read only)
length [stylesheets] MediaList Number (read only)
length [pshop] LayerSets Number (read only)
length [pshop] Channels Number (read only)
length [html] HTMLOptionsCollection Number
length [html] HTMLCollection Number (read only)
length [pshop] File Number The size of the File in bytes.
length [css] CSSRuleList Number (read only)
length [css] CSSStyleDeclaration Number (read only)
length [js] String Number (read only) The number of characters in the string.
length [stylesheets] StyleSheetList Number (read only)
length [anark] Collection Number (read only) Number of items in the collection.
length [pshop] Layers Number (read only)
length [html] HTMLFormElement Number (read only)
length [svg] SVGElementInstanceList Number (read only)
length [dom] CharacterData Number (read only)
length [dom] NodeList Number (read only)
length [pshop] Documents Number (read only)
length [dom] NamedNodeMap Number (read only)
length [pshop] HistoryStates Number (read only)
lengthAdjust [svg] SVGTextContentElement SVGAnimatedEnumeration (read only)
letterSpacing [css] CSS2Properties String
ligatures [pshop] TextItem Boolean use ligatures?
lights [anark] Node Collection (read only) All lights attached to this node.
limitingConeAngle [svg] SVGFESpotLightElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
linearFade [anark] Light Number Fade-off speed.
lineFeed [pshop] File String The line feed character(s) used.
lineHeight [css] CSS2Properties String
link [html] HTMLBodyElement String
linkedLayers [pshop] ArtLayer Array (read only) Other Layers linked to this one.
linkedLayers [pshop] LayerSet Array (read only) array of Layer objects
links [html] HTMLDocument HTMLCollection (read only)
listStyle [css] CSS2Properties String
listStyle [css] Counter String (read only)
listStyleImage [css] CSS2Properties String
listStylePosition [css] CSS2Properties String
listStyleType [css] CSS2Properties String
local [svg] SVGColorProfileElement String
localName [dom] Node String (read only)
longDesc [html] HTMLIFrameElement String
longDesc [html] HTMLFrameElement String
longDesc [html] HTMLImageElement String
lookAtLock [anark] Camera Boolean Always look at the same point?
lookAtPoint [anark] Camera Vector Location for the camera to look at.
loop [anark] Music Boolean Should the music continuously loop?
loop [anark] Video Boolean Should the video continuously loop?
loop [anark] Sound Boolean Should the sound continuously loop?
loopPresentation [anark] Scene Boolean Should the presentation loop?
macOSTumbnail [pshop] Preferences Boolean
magenta [pshop] CMYKColor Number the magenta color value (between 0.0 and 100.0)
managed [pshop] Document Boolean (read only) is the document a workgroup document?
mappingMode [anark] Image Number How to display the image on the material.
maps [anark] Material Collection (read only) Images in this material.
margin [css] CSS2Properties String
marginBottom [css] CSS2Properties String
marginHeight [html] HTMLFrameElement String
marginHeight [html] HTMLIFrameElement String
marginLeft [css] CSS2Properties String
marginRight [css] CSS2Properties String
marginTop [css] CSS2Properties String
marginWidth [html] HTMLFrameElement String
marginWidth [html] HTMLIFrameElement String
markerHeight [svg] SVGMarkerElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
markerOffset [css] CSS2Properties String
markerUnits [svg] SVGMarkerElement SVGAnimatedEnumeration (read only)
markerWidth [svg] SVGMarkerElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
marks [css] CSS2Properties String
maskContentUnits [svg] SVGMaskElement SVGAnimatedEnumeration (read only)
maskUnits [svg] SVGMaskElement SVGAnimatedEnumeration (read only)
materialMode [anark] Image Number How to use the image on the material.
materials [anark] Model Collection (read only) All materials for this model.
matrix [svg] SVGTransform SVGMatrix (read only)
matte [pshop] IndexedConversionOptions MatteType
matte [pshop] GIFSaveOptions MatteType
matte [pshop] JPEGSaveOptions MatteType
maxHeight [css] CSS2Properties String
maximizeCompatibility [pshop] Preferences Boolean maximize compatibility for Photoshop (PSD) files
maximumGlyphScaling [pshop] TextItem Number
maximumLetterScaling [pshop] TextItem Number
maximumWordScaling [pshop] TextItem Number
maxLength [html] HTMLInputElement Number
maxRAMuse [pshop] Preferences Number maximum percentage of available RAM used by Photoshop (between 5 and 100)
maxTime [anark] TimeContext Number Ending time of the context.
maxWidth [css] CSS2Properties String
media [svg] SVGStyleElement String
media [css] CSSMediaRule MediaList (read only)
media [stylesheets] StyleSheet MediaList (read only)
media [html] HTMLLinkElement String
media [css] CSSImportRule MediaList (read only)
media [html] HTMLStyleElement String
mediaText [stylesheets] MediaList String
meetOrSlice [svg] SVGPreserveAspectRatio Number
metaKey [events] MouseEvent Boolean (read only) Was the 'shift' key depressed when this event was fired?
method [svg] SVGTextPathElement SVGAnimatedEnumeration (read only)
method [pshop] BitmapConversionOptions BitmapConversionType
method [html] HTMLFormElement String
minHeight [css] CSS2Properties String
minimumGlyphScaling [pshop] TextItem Number
minimumLetterScaling [pshop] TextItem Number
minimumWordScaling [pshop] TextItem Number
minTime [anark] TimeContext Number Starting time of the context.
minWidth [css] CSS2Properties String
mode [pshop] EPSOpenOptions OpenDocumentMode the document mode
mode [pshop] Document DocumentMode (read only) document mode
mode [pshop] PDFOpenOptions OpenDocumentMode the document mode
mode [svg] SVGFEBlendElement SVGAnimatedEnumeration (read only)
model [pshop] SolidColor ColorModel color model
models [anark] Node Collection (read only) All models attached to this node.
modified [pshop] Document Date (read only) The date of the Folder's last modification.
mouseEvents [anark] Behavior Boolean Does the object to which this behavior is attached respond to mouse events?
multiFileDCS [pshop] DCS2_SaveOptions Boolean
multiline [js] RegExp Boolean (read only) The multiline flag for the regular expression.
multiple [html] HTMLSelectElement Boolean
music [anark] Asset Collection (read only) All Music objects attached under this asset.
name [pshop] PICTResourceSaveOptions String name of PICT resource
name [html] HTMLSelectElement String
name [svg] SVGColorProfileElement String
name [html] HTMLParamElement String
name [html] HTMLMetaElement String
name [pshop] Application String (read only) The application's name
name [pshop] Channel String the channel's name
name [pshop] HistoryState String (read only) the channel's name
name [dom] DocumentType String (read only)
name [html] HTMLTextAreaElement String
name [html] HTMLButtonElement String
name [pshop] Document String (read only) the document's name
name [html] HTMLAppletElement String
name [html] HTMLObjectElement String
name [html] HTMLFrameElement String
name [pshop] ArtLayer String the name of the layer
name [anark] Asset String User-defined name for the asset.
name [pshop] LayerSet String the name of the layer
name [dom] Attr String (read only)
name [html] HTMLIFrameElement String
name [svg] SVGColorProfileRule String
name [pshop] Folder String (read only) The name of the Folder without the path specification.
name [html] HTMLFormElement String
name [html] HTMLMapElement String
name [pshop] File String (read only) The name of the File without the path specification.
name [html] HTMLAnchorElement String
name [html] HTMLImageElement String
name [html] HTMLInputElement String
namespaceURI [dom] Node String (read only)
NaN [js] Global NaN Not a Number
nearestViewportElement [svg] SVGLocatable SVGElement (read only)
nearestWebColor [pshop] SolidColor RGBColor (read only) the nearest web color to the current color
newScale [svg] SVGZoomEvent Number (read only)
newTranslate [svg] SVGZoomEvent SVGPoint (read only)
newValue [events] MutationEvent String (read only)
nextSibling [svg] SVGElementInstance SVGElementInstance (read only)
nextSibling [dom] Node Node (read only)
noBreak [pshop] TextItem Boolean
nodeName [dom] Node String (read only)
nodeType [dom] Node Number (read only)
nodeValue [dom] Node String
noHref [html] HTMLAreaElement Boolean
nonLinearHistory [pshop] Preferences Boolean allow non-linear history?
noResize [html] HTMLFrameElement Boolean
normalizedPathSegList [svg] SVGAnimatedPathData SVGPathSegList (read only)
noShade [html] HTMLHRElement Boolean
notationName [dom] Entity String (read only)
notations [dom] DocumentType NamedNodeMap (read only)
noWrap [html] HTMLTableCellElement Boolean
numberOfHistoryStates [pshop] Preferences Number number of history states to remember (between 1 and 100)
numberOfItems [svg] SVGNumberList Number (read only)
numberOfItems [svg] SVGTransformList Number (read only)
numberOfItems [svg] SVGStringList Number (read only)
numberOfItems [svg] SVGPointList Number (read only)
numberOfItems [svg] SVGPathSegList Number (read only)
numberOfItems [svg] SVGLengthList Number (read only)
numOctaves [svg] SVGFETurbulenceElement SVGAnimatedInteger (read only)
object [html] HTMLAppletElement String
offset [svg] SVGComponentTransferFunctionElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
offset [svg] SVGStopElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
oldStyle [pshop] TextItem Boolean use old style?
opacity [pshop] LayerSet Number master opacity of layer (between 0.0 and 100.0)
opacity [anark] Node Number Opacity of the object.
opacity [pshop] ArtLayer Number master opacity of layer (between 0.0 and 100.0)
opacity [anark] Material Number Opacity of the material.
opacity [pshop] Channel Number opacity of alpha channels (called solidity for spot channels)
operator [svg] SVGFEMorphologyElement SVGAnimatedEnumeration (read only)
operator [svg] SVGFECompositeElement SVGAnimatedEnumeration (read only)
options [html] HTMLSelectElement HTMLOptionsCollection (read only)
orderX [svg] SVGFEConvolveMatrixElement SVGAnimatedInteger (read only)
orderY [svg] SVGFEConvolveMatrixElement SVGAnimatedInteger (read only)
orientAngle [svg] SVGMarkerElement SVGAnimatedAngle (read only)
orientation [pshop] PhotoCDOpenOptions Orientation
orientType [svg] SVGMarkerElement SVGAnimatedEnumeration (read only)
orphans [css] CSS2Properties String
orthographic [anark] Camera Boolean Use orthographic rendering?
osType [pshop] BMPSaveOptions OperatingSystem target OS. Windows or OS/2 (default: Windows)
otherCursors [pshop] Preferences OtherPaintingCursors
outline [css] CSS2Properties String
outlineColor [css] CSS2Properties String
outlineStyle [css] CSS2Properties String
outlineWidth [css] CSS2Properties String
overflow [css] CSS2Properties String
ownerDocument [dom] Node Document (read only)
ownerElement [dom] Attr Element (read only)
ownerNode [stylesheets] StyleSheet Node (read only)
ownerRule [css] CSSStyleSheet CSSRule (read only)
ownerSVGElement [svg] SVGElement SVGSVGElement (read only)
ownerUrl [pshop] DocumentInfo String
padding [css] CSS2Properties String
paddingBottom [css] CSS2Properties String
paddingLeft [css] CSS2Properties String
paddingRight [css] CSS2Properties String
paddingTop [css] CSS2Properties String
page [css] CSS2Properties String
page [pshop] PDFOpenOptions Number number of page to open
pageBreakAfter [css] CSS2Properties String
pageBreakBefore [css] CSS2Properties String
pageBreakInside [css] CSS2Properties String
paintingCursors [pshop] Preferences PaintingCursors
paintType [svg] SVGPaint Number (read only)
palette [pshop] IndexedConversionOptions Palette type of palette
palette [pshop] GIFSaveOptions Palette
parent [pshop] File Folder (read only) The Folder containing this File.
parent [pshop] TextItem Object (read only)
parent [pshop] Application Object (read only)
parent [pshop] ArtLayer Object (read only)
parent [pshop] ArtLayers Object (read only)
parent [pshop] Channels Object (read only)
parent [pshop] HistoryStates Object (read only)
parent [pshop] Layers Object (read only)
parent [pshop] DocumentInfo Object (read only)
parent [anark] Asset Object (read only) Parent object of this asset.
parent [pshop] Selection Object (read only)
parent [pshop] Documents Object (read only)
parent [pshop] Preferences Object (read only)
parent [pshop] Channel Object (read only)
parent [pshop] HistoryState Object (read only)
parent [pshop] LayerSets Object (read only)
parent [pshop] LayerSet Object (read only)
parent [pshop] Folder Folder (read only) The Folder containing this Folder.
parent [pshop] Document Object (read only)
parentNode [svg] SVGElementInstance SVGElementInstance (read only)
parentNode [dom] Node Node (read only)
parentRule [css] CSSRule CSSRule (read only)
parentRule [css] CSSStyleDeclaration CSSRule (read only)
parentStyleSheet [css] CSSRule CSSStyleSheet (read only)
parentStyleSheet [stylesheets] StyleSheet StyleSheet (read only)
path [pshop] Application File (read only) The full path of the location of the Photoshop application
path [pshop] Document File (read only) the path of the document
path [pshop] Folder String (read only) The path portion of the absoluteURI.
path [pshop] File String (read only) The path portion of the absoluteURI.
path [pshop] ExportOptionsIllustrator IllustratorPathType which path to export (default: document bounds)
pathLength [svg] SVGPathElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
pathName [pshop] ExportOptionsIllustrator String name of path to export
pathSegList [svg] SVGAnimatedPathData SVGPathSegList (read only)
pathSegType [svg] SVGPathSeg Number (read only)
pathSegTypeAsLetter [svg] SVGPathSeg String (read only)
patternContentUnits [svg] SVGPatternElement SVGAnimatedEnumeration (read only)
patternName [pshop] BitmapConversionOptions String (only valid for 'custom pattern' conversions)
patternTransform [svg] SVGPatternElement SVGAnimatedTransformList (read only)
patternUnits [svg] SVGPatternElement SVGAnimatedEnumeration (read only)
pause [css] CSS2Properties String
pauseAfter [css] CSS2Properties String
pauseBefore [css] CSS2Properties String
paused [anark] TimeContext Boolean (read only) Is the context paused?
pitch [css] CSS2Properties String
pitchRange [css] CSS2Properties String
pivot [anark] Node Vector Pivot point location.
pivotU [anark] Image Number Horizontal UV pivot location.
pivotV [anark] Image Number Vertical UV pivot location.
pivotx [anark] Layer Number Horizontal pivot location.
pivoty [anark] Layer Number Vertical pivot location.
pixelDoubling [pshop] Preferences Boolean
pixelSize [pshop] PhotoCDOpenOptions PhotoCDSize dimensions of image
pixelsLocked [pshop] ArtLayer Boolean
pixelUnitToMillimeterX [svg] SVGSVGElement Number (read only)
pixelUnitToMillimeterY [svg] SVGSVGElement Number (read only)
platform [anark] Player String (read only) Mac/Win OS.
platformVersion [anark] Player String (read only) OS version.
playDuring [css] CSS2Properties String
points [svg] SVGAnimatedPoints SVGPointList (read only)
pointsAtX [svg] SVGFESpotLightElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
pointsAtY [svg] SVGFESpotLightElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
pointsAtZ [svg] SVGFESpotLightElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
pointSize [pshop] Preferences PointType size of point/pica
position [css] CSS2Properties String
position [anark] Node Vector Location of the object.
position [pshop] TextItem Array array of two numbers; position of origin (unit value)
positionLocked [pshop] ArtLayer Boolean
positionU [anark] Image Number UV horizontal offset.
positionV [anark] Image Number UV vertical offset.
preferences [pshop] Application Preferences (read only)
prefix [dom] Node String
presentation [anark] Scene Presentation (read only) The currently-active Presentation object.
preserveAlpha [svg] SVGFEConvolveMatrixElement SVGAnimatedBoolean (read only)
preserveAspectRatio [svg] SVGFEImageElement SVGAnimatedPreserveAspectRatio (read only)
preserveAspectRatio [svg] SVGFitToViewBox SVGAnimatedPreserveAspectRatio (read only)
preserveAspectRatio [svg] SVGImageElement SVGAnimatedPreserveAspectRatio (read only)
preserveAspectRatioString [svg] SVGViewSpec String (read only)
preserveExactColors [pshop] IndexedConversionOptions Boolean
preserveExactColors [pshop] GIFSaveOptions Boolean
preview [pshop] EPSSaveOptions Preview type of preview
preview [pshop] DCS2_SaveOptions Preview type of preview
preview [pshop] DCS1_SaveOptions Preview type of preview
previousScale [svg] SVGZoomEvent Number (read only)
previousSibling [svg] SVGElementInstance SVGElementInstance (read only)
previousSibling [dom] Node Node (read only)
previousTranslate [svg] SVGZoomEvent SVGPoint (read only)
prevValue [events] MutationEvent String (read only)
primitiveType [css] CSSPrimitiveValue Number (read only)
primitiveUnits [svg] SVGFilterElement SVGAnimatedEnumeration (read only)
profile [html] HTMLHeadElement String
prompt [html] HTMLIsIndexElement String
prototype [js] Object Object The prototype for a class.
provinceState [pshop] DocumentInfo String
psColorManagement [pshop] EPSSaveOptions Boolean use Postscript color management
publicId [dom] Entity String (read only)
publicId [dom] Notation String (read only)
publicId [dom] DocumentType String (read only)
quality [pshop] JPEGSaveOptions Number quality of produced image (0-12)
quickMaskMode [pshop] Document Boolean is the document in the quick mask mode?
quotes [css] CSS2Properties String
r [svg] SVGCircleElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only) Radius of the circle.
r [svg] SVGRadialGradientElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
r [anark] Color Number Red
r1 [svg] SVGPathSegArcRel Number
r1 [svg] SVGPathSegArcAbs Number
r2 [svg] SVGPathSegArcRel Number
r2 [svg] SVGPathSegArcAbs Number
radiusX [svg] SVGFEMorphologyElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
radiusY [svg] SVGFEMorphologyElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
rate [anark] TimeContext Number Playback speed.
readonly [pshop] File Boolean May the file be altered?
readOnly [html] HTMLTextAreaElement Boolean
readOnly [html] HTMLInputElement Boolean
realTime [anark] Presentation Number (read only) Current time.
recentFileListLength [pshop] Preferences Number number of items in the recent file list (between 0 and 30)
red [css] RGBColor CSSPrimitiveValue (read only)
red [pshop] RGBColor Number the red color value (between 0.0 and 255.0)
redoKey [pshop] Preferences RedoKey
referrer [html] HTMLDocument String (read only)
referrer [svg] SVGDocument String (read only)
refX [svg] SVGMarkerElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
refY [svg] SVGMarkerElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
rel [html] HTMLAnchorElement String
rel [html] HTMLLinkElement String
relatedNode [events] MutationEvent Node (read only)
relatedTarget [events] MouseEvent EventTarget (read only) Element the mouse moved out of or over.
relativeURI [pshop] File String (read only) The path name for the File in URI notation, relative to the current folder.
relativeURI [pshop] Folder String (read only) The path name for the Folder in URI notation, relative to the current folder.
remoteSource [anark] Video String (read only) URL to the source for the video.
remoteSource [anark] Image String URL to the source for the image.
remoteSource [anark] Music String (read only) URL to the source for the music.
renderingIntent [svg] SVGColorProfileElement Number
renderingIntent [svg] SVGColorProfileRule Number
repeatU [anark] Image Number Horizontal UV scale for tiling.
repeatV [anark] Image Number Vertical UV scale for tiling.
requiredExtensions [svg] SVGTests SVGStringList (read only)
requiredFeatures [svg] SVGTests SVGStringList (read only)
resolution [pshop] TargaSaveOptions TargaBitsPerPixels number of bits per pixel
resolution [pshop] PDFOpenOptions Number the resolution of the document (in pixels per inch)
resolution [pshop] PICTFileSaveOptions PICTBitsPerPixels number of bits per pixel
resolution [pshop] PICTResourceSaveOptions PICTBitsPerPixels number of bits per pixel
resolution [pshop] BitmapConversionOptions Number output resolution (in pixels per inch)
resolution [pshop] Document Number (read only) the resolution of the document (in pixels per inch)
resolution [pshop] PhotoCDOpenOptions Number the resolution of the image (in pixels per inch)
resolution [pshop] EPSOpenOptions Number the resolution of the document (in pixels per inch)
resourceID [pshop] PICTResourceSaveOptions Number ID of PICT resource
result [svg] SVGFilterPrimitiveStandardAttributes SVGAnimatedString (read only)
retainHeader [pshop] RawFormatOpenOptions Boolean retain header when saving?
rev [html] HTMLLinkElement String
rev [html] HTMLAnchorElement String
rgb [pshop] SolidColor RGBColor
richness [css] CSS2Properties String
right [css] CSS2Properties String
right [css] Rect CSSPrimitiveValue (read only)
rightIndent [pshop] TextItem Number (unit value)
rleCompression [pshop] BMPSaveOptions Boolean should RLE compression be used?
rootElement [svg] SVGDocument SVGSVGElement (read only)
rotate [svg] SVGTextPositioningElement SVGAnimatedNumberList (read only)
rotation [anark] Image Number Rotation in degrees.
rotation [anark] Node Rotation Rotation of the object.
rowIndex [html] HTMLTableRowElement Number (read only)
rows [html] HTMLTableSectionElement HTMLCollection (read only)
rows [html] HTMLTableElement HTMLCollection (read only)
rows [html] HTMLFrameSetElement String
rows [html] HTMLTextAreaElement Number
rowSpan [html] HTMLTableCellElement Number
rulerUnits [pshop] Preferences Units note: this is the unit that the scripting system will use when receiving and returning values
rules [html] HTMLTableElement String
rx [svg] SVGEllipseElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
rx [svg] SVGRectElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
ry [svg] SVGRectElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
ry [svg] SVGEllipseElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
saturation [pshop] HSBColor Number the saturation value (between 0.0 and 100.0)
saved [pshop] Document Boolean (read only) has the document been saved since last change?
saveImagePyramid [pshop] TiffSaveOptions Boolean
savePaletteLocations [pshop] Preferences Boolean
scale [svg] SVGFEDisplacementMapElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
scale [anark] Node Vector Scale of the object.
scans [pshop] JPEGSaveOptions Number number of scans
scheme [html] HTMLMetaElement String
scope [html] HTMLTableCellElement String
screenPixelToMillimeterX [svg] SVGSVGElement Number (read only)
screenPixelToMillimeterY [svg] SVGSVGElement Number (read only)
screenX [events] MouseEvent Number (read only)
screenY [events] MouseEvent Number (read only)
scriptingVersion [pshop] Application String (read only) The version of the Scripting interface
scrolling [html] HTMLIFrameElement String
scrolling [html] HTMLFrameElement String
sectionRowIndex [html] HTMLTableRowElement Number (read only)
seed [svg] SVGFETurbulenceElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
selected [html] HTMLOptionElement Boolean
selectedIndex [html] HTMLSelectElement Number
selection [pshop] Document Selection (read only) the document's selection
selectorText [css] CSSPageRule String
selectorText [css] CSSStyleRule String
separator [css] Counter String (read only)
serialNumber [pshop] Application String (read only) The serial number of Photoshop
shape [pshop] BitmapConversionOptions BitmapHalfToneType (only valid for 'halftone screen' conversions)
shape [html] HTMLAnchorElement String
shape [html] HTMLAreaElement String
sheet [stylesheets] LinkStyle StyleSheet (read only)
shiftKey [events] MouseEvent Boolean (read only) Was the 'shift' key depressed when this event was fired?
showAsianTextOptions [pshop] Preferences Boolean
showEnglishFontNames [pshop] Preferences Boolean
showSliceNumber [pshop] Preferences Boolean
showToolTips [pshop] Preferences Boolean
size [html] HTMLBaseFontElement Number
size [pshop] TextItem Number font size in points
size [html] HTMLHRElement String
size [html] HTMLInputElement Number
size [css] CSS2Properties String
size [html] HTMLSelectElement Number
size [html] HTMLFontElement String
slope [svg] SVGComponentTransferFunctionElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
smartQuotes [pshop] Preferences Boolean
snapshot [pshop] HistoryState Boolean (read only) is the history state a snapshot?
sounds [anark] Asset Collection (read only) All Sounds objects attached under this asset.
source [pshop] DocumentInfo String
source [js] RegExp String (read only) The regular expression expressed as a string.
source [anark] Light Number Type of light.
spaceAfter [pshop] TextItem Number (unit value)
spaceBefore [pshop] TextItem Number (unit value)
spacing [svg] SVGTextPathElement SVGAnimatedEnumeration (read only)
span [html] HTMLTableColElement Number
speak [css] CSS2Properties String
speakHeader [css] CSS2Properties String
speakNumeral [css] CSS2Properties String
speakPunctuation [css] CSS2Properties String
specified [dom] Attr Boolean (read only)
specular [anark] Material Color Specularity color.
specular [anark] Light Color Highlight color.
specularConstant [svg] SVGFESpecularLightingElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
specularEnable [anark] Material Boolean Enable specularity?
specularExponent [svg] SVGFESpotLightElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
specularExponent [svg] SVGFESpecularLightingElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
specularPower [anark] Material Number Sharpness of specularity.
speechRate [css] CSS2Properties String
spotColors [pshop] RawSaveOptions Boolean save spot colors
spotColors [pshop] PhotoshopSaveOptions Boolean save spot colors
spotColors [pshop] DCS2_SaveOptions Boolean save spot colors
spotColors [pshop] TiffSaveOptions Boolean save spot colors
spotColors [pshop] SGIRGBSaveOptions Boolean save spot colors
spotColors [pshop] PDFSaveOptions Boolean save spot colors
spreadMethod [svg] SVGGradientElement SVGAnimatedEnumeration (read only)
src [svg] SVGColorProfileRule String
src [html] HTMLIFrameElement String
src [html] HTMLImageElement String
src [html] HTMLFrameElement String
src [html] HTMLScriptElement String
src [html] HTMLInputElement String
standby [html] HTMLObjectElement String
start [html] HTMLOListElement Number
startLifeTime [anark] Asset Number Starting time of the asset.
startOffset [svg] SVGTextPathElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
startup [pshop] Folder Folder (read only) The folder containing the executable image of the running application.
stdDeviationX [svg] SVGFEGaussianBlurElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
stdDeviationY [svg] SVGFEGaussianBlurElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
stitchTiles [svg] SVGFETurbulenceElement SVGAnimatedEnumeration (read only)
stress [css] CSS2Properties String
strikeThru [pshop] TextItem Boolean
style [css] CSSPageRule CSSStyleDeclaration (read only)
style [css] ElementCSSInlineStyle CSSStyleDeclaration (read only)
style [css] CSSStyleRule CSSStyleDeclaration (read only)
style [css] CSSFontFaceRule CSSStyleDeclaration (read only)
styleSheet [css] CSSImportRule CSSStyleSheet (read only)
styleSheets [stylesheets] DocumentStyle StyleSheetList (read only)
summary [html] HTMLTableElement String
supplementalCategories [pshop] DocumentInfo Array
surfaceScale [svg] SVGFEDiffuseLightingElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
surfaceScale [svg] SVGFESpecularLightingElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
sweepFlag [svg] SVGPathSegArcAbs Boolean
sweepFlag [svg] SVGPathSegArcRel Boolean
system [pshop] Folder Folder (read only) The folder containing the operating system files.
systemId [dom] DocumentType String (read only)
systemId [dom] Notation String (read only)
systemId [dom] Entity String (read only)
systemLanguage [svg] SVGTests SVGStringList (read only)
tabIndex [html] HTMLInputElement Number
tabIndex [html] HTMLSelectElement Number
tabIndex [html] HTMLAreaElement Number
tabIndex [html] HTMLButtonElement Number
tabIndex [html] HTMLObjectElement Number
tabIndex [html] HTMLTextAreaElement Number
tabIndex [html] HTMLAnchorElement Number
tableLayout [css] CSS2Properties String
tableValues [svg] SVGComponentTransferFunctionElement SVGAnimatedNumberList (read only)
tagName [dom] Element String (read only)
target [html] HTMLLinkElement String
target [html] HTMLFormElement String
target [html] HTMLAnchorElement String
target [svg] SVGAElement SVGAnimatedString (read only)
target [html] HTMLAreaElement String
target [html] HTMLBaseElement String
target [events] Event EventTarget (read only) The object which caught the event.
target [dom] ProcessingInstruction String (read only)
targetElement [svg] SVGAnimationElement SVGElement (read only)
targetX [svg] SVGFEConvolveMatrixElement SVGAnimatedInteger (read only)
targetY [svg] SVGFEConvolveMatrixElement SVGAnimatedInteger (read only)
tBodies [html] HTMLTableElement HTMLCollection (read only)
temp [pshop] Folder Folder (read only) The default folder for temporary files.
text [html] HTMLScriptElement String
text [html] HTMLTitleElement String
text [html] HTMLOptionElement String (read only)
text [html] HTMLBodyElement String
textAlign [css] CSS2Properties String
textComposer [pshop] TextItem TextComposer type of text composing engine to use
textDecoration [css] CSS2Properties String
textIndent [css] CSS2Properties String
textItem [pshop] ArtLayer TextItem (read only) the text item that is associated with the art layer. Only valid for art layers whose 'has text' is true
textLength [svg] SVGTextContentElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
textShadow [css] CSS2Properties String
textTransform [css] CSS2Properties String
tFoot [html] HTMLTableElement HTMLTableSectionElement
tHead [html] HTMLTableElement HTMLTableSectionElement
tilingModeHoriz [anark] Image Number Horizontal tiling option.
tilingModeVert [anark] Image Number Vertical tiling option.
timeStamp [events] Event Number (read only) Date/time that the event occurred.
title [html] HTMLDocument String
title [stylesheets] StyleSheet String (read only)
title [svg] SVGStyleElement String
title [svg] SVGDocument String (read only)
title [html] HTMLElement String
title [pshop] DocumentInfo String
top [css] Rect CSSPrimitiveValue (read only)
top [css] CSS2Properties String
tracking [pshop] TextItem Number controls uniform spacing between multiple characters
transferFunction [pshop] DCS2_SaveOptions Boolean include transfer functions in document
transferFunction [pshop] EPSSaveOptions Boolean include transfer functions in document
transferFunction [pshop] DCS1_SaveOptions Boolean include transfer functions in document
transform [svg] SVGTransformable SVGAnimatedTransformList (read only) Represents the transformation applied to this element.
transform [svg] SVGViewSpec SVGTransformList (read only)
transformString [svg] SVGViewSpec String (read only)
transmissionReference [pshop] DocumentInfo String
transparency [pshop] GIFSaveOptions Boolean
transparency [pshop] IndexedConversionOptions Boolean
transparency [pshop] PDFSaveOptions Boolean
transparency [pshop] TiffSaveOptions Boolean
transparentBackground [anark] Layer Boolean Should this layer obscure layers behind it?
transparentPixelsLocked [pshop] ArtLayer Boolean
transparentWhites [pshop] EPSSaveOptions Boolean only valid when saving BitMap documents
trash [pshop] Folder Folder (read only) The folder containing deleted items.
type [html] HTMLObjectElement String
type [html] HTMLButtonElement String (read only)
type [stylesheets] StyleSheet String (read only)
type [html] HTMLLIElement String
type [html] HTMLInputElement String
type [svg] SVGTransform Number (read only)
type [html] HTMLUListElement String
type [html] HTMLOListElement String
type [svg] SVGScriptElement String
type [svg] SVGStyleElement String
type [html] HTMLAnchorElement String
type [events] Event String (read only)
type [html] HTMLLinkElement String
type [pshop] File String (read only) The Macintosh file type as a four-character string.
type [html] HTMLTextAreaElement String (read only)
type [css] CSSRule Number (read only)
type [html] HTMLScriptElement String
type [svg] SVGFETurbulenceElement SVGAnimatedEnumeration (read only)
type [anark] Asset String (read only) Type of the asset.
type [anark] Scene String (read only) The string 'Scene'.
type [html] HTMLParamElement String
type [svg] SVGComponentTransferFunctionElement SVGAnimatedEnumeration (read only)
type [html] HTMLStyleElement String
type [svg] SVGFEColorMatrixElement SVGAnimatedEnumeration (read only)
type [html] HTMLSelectElement String (read only)
typename [pshop] ActionDescriptor String (read only)
typename [pshop] PDFSaveOptions String (read only)
typename [pshop] Layers String (read only)
typename [pshop] PICTFileSaveOptions String (read only)
typename [pshop] LayerSets String (read only)
typename [pshop] PICTResourceSaveOptions String (read only)
typename [pshop] PNGSaveOptions String (read only)
typename [pshop] PhotoCDOpenOptions String (read only)
typename [pshop] LayerSet String (read only)
typename [pshop] PhotoshopSaveOptions String (read only)
typename [pshop] PixarSaveOptions String (read only)
typename [pshop] LabColor String (read only)
typename [pshop] JPEGSaveOptions String (read only)
typename [pshop] IndexedConversionOptions String (read only)
typename [pshop] Preferences String (read only)
typename [pshop] HistoryStates String (read only)
typename [pshop] RGBColor String (read only)
typename [pshop] RawFormatOpenOptions String (read only)
typename [pshop] HistoryState String (read only)
typename [pshop] RawSaveOptions String (read only)
typename [pshop] SGIRGBSaveOptions String (read only)
typename [pshop] Selection String (read only)
typename [pshop] SolidColor String (read only)
typename [pshop] TargaSaveOptions String (read only)
typename [pshop] HSBColor String (read only)
typename [pshop] GrayColor String (read only)
typename [pshop] GIFSaveOptions String (read only)
typename [pshop] ExportOptionsIllustrator String (read only)
typename [pshop] TextItem String (read only)
typename [pshop] EPSSaveOptions String (read only)
typename [pshop] TiffSaveOptions String (read only)
typename [pshop] EPSOpenOptions String (read only)
typename [pshop] Documents String (read only)
typename [pshop] PDFOpenOptions String (read only)
typename [pshop] DocumentInfo String (read only)
typename [pshop] Document String (read only)
typename [pshop] DCS2_SaveOptions String
typename [pshop] DCS1_SaveOptions String (read only)
typename [pshop] Channels String (read only)
typename [pshop] Channel String (read only)
typename [pshop] CMYKColor String (read only)
typename [pshop] BitmapConversionOptions String (read only)
typename [pshop] BMPSaveOptions String (read only)
typename [pshop] ArtLayer String (read only)
typename [pshop] ArtLayers String (read only)
typename [pshop] ActionReference String (read only)
typename [pshop] Application String (read only)
typename [pshop] ActionList String (read only)
typeUnits [pshop] Preferences TypeUnits
undefined [js] Global undefined The static value "undefined"
underline [pshop] TextItem Boolean
unicodeBidi [css] CSS2Properties String
unitType [svg] SVGAngle Number (read only)
unitType [svg] SVGLength Number (read only)
urgency [pshop] DocumentInfo Urgency
uri [svg] SVGPaint String (read only)
URL [html] HTMLDocument String (read only)
URL [svg] SVGDocument String (read only)
useAdditionalPluginFolder [pshop] Preferences Boolean
useAutoLeading [pshop] TextItem Boolean whether to use a font's built-in leading information
useCurrentView [svg] SVGSVGElement Boolean
useDiffusionDither [pshop] Preferences Boolean
useLowerCaseExtension [pshop] Preferences Boolean should the file extension be lowercase
useMap [html] HTMLObjectElement String
useMap [html] HTMLImageElement String
useMap [html] HTMLInputElement String
useOutlines [pshop] PDFSaveOptions Boolean use outlines for text? (only valid if vector data is included)
useShiftKeyForToolSwitch [pshop] Preferences Boolean
useVideoAlpha [pshop] Preferences Boolean this option requires hardware support
vAlign [html] HTMLTableColElement String
vAlign [html] HTMLTableCellElement String
vAlign [html] HTMLTableRowElement String
vAlign [html] HTMLTableSectionElement String
value [html] HTMLParamElement String
value [dom] Attr String
value [html] HTMLLIElement Number
value [html] HTMLButtonElement String
value [svg] SVGAngle Number
value [html] HTMLTextAreaElement String
value [html] HTMLInputElement String
value [svg] SVGLength Number
value [svg] SVGNumber Number
value [html] HTMLOptionElement String
value [html] HTMLSelectElement String
valueAsString [svg] SVGLength String
valueAsString [svg] SVGAngle String
valueInSpecifiedUnits [svg] SVGLength Number
valueInSpecifiedUnits [svg] SVGAngle Number
values [svg] SVGFEColorMatrixElement SVGAnimatedNumberList (read only)
valueType [html] HTMLParamElement String
vectorData [pshop] DCS2_SaveOptions Boolean include vector data
vectorData [pshop] DCS1_SaveOptions Boolean include vector data
vectorData [pshop] EPSSaveOptions Boolean include vector data
vectorData [pshop] PDFSaveOptions Boolean include vector data
version [html] HTMLHtmlElement String
version [anark] Player String (read only) Version number.
version [pshop] Application String (read only) The version of Adobe Photoshop application
version [d3] d3 String The version number of D3 being run.
verticalAlign [css] CSS2Properties String
verticalScale [pshop] TextItem Number vertical scaling of characters (in percent)
view [events] UIEvent AbstractView (read only)
viewBox [svg] SVGFitToViewBox SVGAnimatedRect (read only)
viewBoxString [svg] SVGViewSpec String (read only)
viewport [svg] SVGSVGElement SVGRect (read only)
viewportElement [svg] SVGElement SVGElement (read only)
viewTarget [svg] SVGViewElement SVGStringList (read only)
viewTarget [svg] SVGViewSpec SVGElement (read only)
viewTargetString [svg] SVGViewSpec String (read only)
visibility [css] CSS2Properties String
visible [pshop] ArtLayer Boolean
visible [anark] Image Boolean Apply this image to its material?
visible [pshop] LayerSet Boolean
visible [pshop] Channel Boolean
vLink [html] HTMLBodyElement String
voiceFamily [css] CSS2Properties String
volume [css] CSS2Properties String
volume [anark] Music Number Loudness of the music.
volume [anark] Video Number Loudness of the video's audio track.
volume [anark] Sound Number Loudness of the sound.
vspace [html] HTMLImageElement Number
vspace [html] HTMLAppletElement Number
vspace [html] HTMLObjectElement Number
warpBend [pshop] TextItem Number percentage from -100 to 100
warpDirection [pshop] TextItem Direction
warpHorizontalDistortion [pshop] TextItem Number percentage from -100 to 100
warpStyle [pshop] TextItem WarpStyle
warpVerticalDistortion [pshop] TextItem Number percentage from -100 to 100
whiteSpace [css] CSS2Properties String
widows [css] CSS2Properties String
width [html] HTMLIFrameElement String
width [css] CSS2Properties String
width [svg] SVGRect Number
width [anark] Layer Number Percentage width of the scene.
width [svg] SVGRectElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
width [svg] SVGFilterElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
width [html] HTMLObjectElement String
width [svg] SVGFilterPrimitiveStandardAttributes SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
width [pshop] PDFOpenOptions Number width of image (unit value)
width [html] HTMLTableElement String
width [svg] SVGPatternElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
width [html] HTMLHRElement String
width [pshop] TextItem Number the width of paragraph text (unit value)
width [pshop] RawFormatOpenOptions Number width of image (in pixels)
width [html] HTMLPreElement Number
width [anark] Image Number (read only) Width of the image.
width [pshop] Document Number (read only) width of document (unit value)
width [svg] SVGSVGElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
width [svg] SVGImageElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
width [html] HTMLImageElement Number
width [svg] SVGUseElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
width [svg] SVGMaskElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
width [html] HTMLTableColElement String
width [html] HTMLTableCellElement String
width [pshop] EPSOpenOptions Number width of image (unit value)
width [svg] SVGForeignObjectElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
width [html] HTMLAppletElement String
windowsTumbnail [pshop] Preferences Boolean
wordSpacing [css] CSS2Properties String
x [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoQuadraticRel Number
x [svg] SVGRectElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only) The location of the left side of the element.
x [svg] SVGPathSegMovetoRel Number
x [svg] SVGPathSegMovetoAbs Number
x [svg] SVGPathSegLinetoAbs Number
x [svg] SVGPathSegArcRel Number
x [svg] SVGPoint Number
x [svg] SVGImageElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
x [svg] SVGPathSegLinetoRel Number
x [svg] SVGRect Number
x [svg] SVGFilterPrimitiveStandardAttributes SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
x [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoCubicAbs Number
x [svg] SVGSVGElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
x [svg] SVGFilterElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
x [svg] SVGFESpotLightElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
x [anark] Rotation Number X-axis rotation.
x [svg] SVGFEPointLightElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
x [svg] SVGPathSegArcAbs Number
x [anark] Vector Number X location.
x [svg] SVGCursorElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
x [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoCubicRel Number
x [svg] SVGUseElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
x [anark] Layer Number Percentage across the scene to draw.
x [svg] SVGPatternElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
x [svg] SVGPathSegLinetoHorizontalAbs Number
x [svg] SVGPathSegLinetoHorizontalRel Number
x [svg] SVGMaskElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
x [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoCubicSmoothAbs Number
x [anark] Mouse Number (read only) X location.
x [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoCubicSmoothRel Number
x [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoQuadraticSmoothAbs Number
x [svg] SVGGlyphRefElement Number
x [svg] SVGForeignObjectElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
x [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoQuadraticAbs Number
x [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoQuadraticSmoothRel Number
x [svg] SVGTextPositioningElement SVGAnimatedLengthList (read only)
x1 [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoQuadraticRel Number
x1 [svg] SVGLineElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
x1 [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoCubicRel Number
x1 [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoCubicAbs Number
x1 [svg] SVGLinearGradientElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
x1 [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoQuadraticAbs Number
x2 [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoCubicAbs Number
x2 [svg] SVGLineElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
x2 [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoCubicSmoothAbs Number
x2 [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoCubicRel Number
x2 [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoCubicSmoothRel Number
x2 [svg] SVGLinearGradientElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
xChannelSelector [svg] SVGFEDisplacementMapElement SVGAnimatedEnumeration (read only)
xmlbase [svg] SVGElement String
xmllang [svg] SVGLangSpace String
xmlspace [svg] SVGStyleElement String
xmlspace [svg] SVGLangSpace String
xWidth [anark] Window Number (read only) Presentation width.
y [svg] SVGUseElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
y [svg] SVGPathSegArcRel Number
y [svg] SVGImageElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
y [svg] SVGPathSegArcAbs Number
y [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoQuadraticRel Number
y [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoQuadraticAbs Number
y [svg] SVGRect Number
y [svg] SVGFESpotLightElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
y [svg] SVGPoint Number
y [svg] SVGPathSegMovetoAbs Number
y [svg] SVGPathSegMovetoRel Number
y [svg] SVGPathSegLinetoAbs Number
y [svg] SVGPathSegLinetoRel Number
y [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoCubicAbs Number
y [anark] Rotation Number Y-axis rotation.
y [anark] Vector Number Y location.
y [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoCubicRel Number
y [anark] Layer Number Percentage down the scene to draw.
y [svg] SVGMaskElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
y [svg] SVGPathSegLinetoVerticalAbs Number
y [svg] SVGPathSegLinetoVerticalRel Number
y [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoCubicSmoothAbs Number
y [anark] Mouse Number (read only) Y location.
y [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoCubicSmoothRel Number
y [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoQuadraticSmoothAbs Number
y [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoQuadraticSmoothRel Number
y [svg] SVGTextPositioningElement SVGAnimatedLengthList (read only)
y [svg] SVGGlyphRefElement Number
y [svg] SVGPatternElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
y [svg] SVGRectElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only) The location of the top of the element.
y [svg] SVGFilterElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
y [svg] SVGFilterPrimitiveStandardAttributes SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
y [svg] SVGForeignObjectElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
y [svg] SVGCursorElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
y [svg] SVGFEPointLightElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
y [svg] SVGSVGElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
y1 [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoCubicAbs Number
y1 [svg] SVGLineElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
y1 [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoQuadraticAbs Number
y1 [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoCubicRel Number
y1 [svg] SVGLinearGradientElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
y1 [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoQuadraticRel Number
y2 [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoCubicSmoothAbs Number
y2 [svg] SVGLinearGradientElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
y2 [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoCubicAbs Number
y2 [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoCubicSmoothRel Number
y2 [svg] SVGPathSegCurvetoCubicRel Number
y2 [svg] SVGLineElement SVGAnimatedLength (read only)
yChannelSelector [svg] SVGFEDisplacementMapElement SVGAnimatedEnumeration (read only)
yellow [pshop] CMYKColor Number the yellow color value (between 0.0 and 100.0)
yHeight [anark] Window Number (read only) Presentation height.
z [svg] SVGFESpotLightElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
z [anark] Rotation Number Z-axis rotation.
z [svg] SVGFEPointLightElement SVGAnimatedNumber (read only)
z [anark] Vector Number Z location.
zIndex [css] CSS2Properties String
zoomAndPan [svg] SVGZoomAndPan Number
zoomRectScreen [svg] SVGZoomEvent SVGRect (read only)