myModel.boxMin in Anark Studio 2.5

Minimum bounding-box point.
This property is read-only.

Property Type

Returns a vector representing the minimum vertex of the bounding box for the model. The bounding box for a model is an imaginary cube drawn around it, and each corner of the cube is a vertex. The X, Y and Z values of each vertex are added together and the one with the lowest value is determined to be the boxMin. The boxMax and boxMax properties are typically used in collision detection.

Note that this Vector is read-only; to obtain a modifiable copy of it for calculations, use the copy() method on it.

This property is unaffected by the position/rotation/scale of the model. To find the world-space location, transform a copy() of this value by the lastGlobalTransform matrix:

var min = myObj.boxMin.copy();
//min is now in global space