Methods in Anark Studio 2.5

name of object returns description
add(otherColor) Color (none) Add two colors.
add(otherRotation) Rotation (none) Add on a rotation vector.
add(otherVector) Vector (none) Add on a vector.
attach(layerObject) Scene (none) Attach a layer underneath the scene.
attach(assetObject) Asset (none) Attach the argument underneath the asset.
blend(otherColor) Color (none) Blend two colors.
clear() Scene (none) Removes all layers from the scene.
contrast(contrastFactor) Color (none) Increase/decrease contrast of the color.
copy() Color Color Duplicate the color object.
copy() Vector Vector Return a copy of the vector.
copy() Rotation Rotation Return a copy of the rotation object.
copy() Asset Asset Create a copy of the asset.
copy() Matrix Matrix Return a copy of the matrix object.
createPrimitive(primitiveType,subType,resolution,…) Model (none) Create primitive geometry in the model.
cross(otherVector) Vector (none) Perform a cross-product on the vector.
detach(layerObject) Scene (none) Remove a layer from the scene.
detach(assetObject) Asset (none) Remove an asset from this asset.
distance(otherVector) Vector Number Calculate the distance to another vector.
distanceSquared(otherVector) Vector Number Calculate the squared distance to another vector.
dot(otherVector) Vector Vector Calculate the dot product.
equals(otherVector) Vector Boolean Compare two vectors for equivalence.
equals(otherRotation) Rotation Boolean Compare two rotation vectors for equivalence.
equals(otherColor) Color Boolean Compare two colors for equivalence.
exit() Container (none) Quit the application.
getContext(timeContextName) Presentation TimeContext Get a TimeContext by name.
identity() Matrix (none) Turn to an identity matrix.
intersect(useBackface,globalOrigin,globalDirection,…) Model Number Does the model intersect the supplied vector?
invert() Matrix (none) Invert the matrix.
isBuffered(libraryResource) Presentation Boolean Is a Music/Video buffered yet?
isIdentity() Matrix Boolean Is this an identity matrix?
launch(commandLine,flags) Container (none) Start a program, open a file.
length() Vector Number Length of the vector.
lengthSquared() Vector Number Length of the vector, squared.
linear(targetColor,weightFactor) Color (none) Move the color towards another color.
linear(targetVector,weightFactor) Rotation (none) Move the rotation towards another rotation vector.
linear(targetVector,weightFactor) Vector (none) Move the vector towards another vector.
maxVector(otherVector) Vector (none) Calculate the maximum vector.
maxVector(otherRotation) Rotation (none) Calculate the maximum rotation vector.
minVector(otherRotation) Rotation (none) Calculate the minimum rotation vector.
minVector(otherVector) Vector (none) Calculate the minimum vector.
multiply(otherMatrix) Matrix (none) Multiply two matrices.
negative() Color (none) Negate the color.
normalize() Vector (none) Normalize the vector.
pause() Video (none) Pause playback.
pause() Sound (none) Pause the sound.
pause() TimeContext (none) Pause playback.
pause() Music (none) Pause playback.
play() Video (none) Start playing the video.
play() Music (none) Start playing the music.
play() TimeContext (none) Resume playback.
play() Sound (none) Starts/resumes playing the sound.
removeChildren() Node (none) Remove all children from this node.
rotate(x,y,z) Matrix (none) Rotate the matrix.
saturation(saturationFactor) Color (none) Change the saturation of the color.
scale(scaleFactor) Vector (none) Scale the vector by a factor.
scale(scaleFactor) Color (none) Scale the color.
scale(x,y,z) Matrix (none) Scale the matrix.
scale(scaleFactor) Rotation (none) Scale the rotation by a factor.
seek(position) Music (none) Move to a specific time in the music.
seek(position) Sound (none) Move to a specific time in the sound.
seek(position) Video (none) Move to a specific time in the video.
startBuffering() Music (none) Start downloading and buffering the music.
startBuffering() Video (none) Start downloading and buffering the video.
stop() Video (none) Stop playing the video.
stop() Music (none) Stop playing the music.
stop() Sound (none) Stop playing the sound.
subtract(otherVector) Vector (none) Subtract a vector.
subtract(otherRotation) Rotation (none) Subtract a rotation amount.
subtract(otherColor) Color (none) Subtract two colors.
swapMaterial(oldMaterialName,newMaterial) Model Material Use a new material in place of an existing material.
transform(transformMatrix) Rotation (none) Transform the rotation vector by a matrix.
transform(transformMatrix) Vector (none) Transform the vector by a matrix.
translate(x,y,z) Matrix (none) Translate the matrix.
transpose() Matrix (none) Transpose the matrix.