Properties in Anark Studio 2.5

name object type description
_11 Matrix Number
_12 Matrix Number
_13 Matrix Number
_14 Matrix Number
_21 Matrix Number
_22 Matrix Number
_23 Matrix Number
_24 Matrix Number
_31 Matrix Number
_32 Matrix Number
_33 Matrix Number
_34 Matrix Number
_41 Matrix Number
_42 Matrix Number
_43 Matrix Number
_44 Matrix Number
a Color Number Alpha/Opacity
active Asset Boolean Should this asset be drawn?
ambient Material Color Ambient color.
ambient Light Color Ambient scene color.
b Color Number Blue
backgroundColor Scene Color The background color for the scene.
balance Video Number Left-to-right balance of the audio.
balance Music Number Left-to-right balance of the audio.
balance Sound Number Left-to-right balance of the sound.
behaviors Asset Collection (read only) All Behavior objects attached under this asset.
blendMode Material Number Various ways to blend this material with the rest of the scene.
boxMax Model Vector (read only) Maximum bounding-box point.
boxMin Model Vector (read only) Minimum bounding-box point.
brightness Light Number Maximum light level.
buffered Music Boolean (read only) Is the music buffered and ready to play?
buffered Video Boolean (read only) Is the video buffered and ready to play?
cameras Node Collection (read only) All cameras attached to this object.
clickable Node Boolean Can this object be clicked on?
clipFar Camera Number Rear clipping plane distance.
clipNear Camera Number Front clipping plane distance.
color Layer Color Background color for the layer.
container Player Container (read only) Playback container object.
containerName Player String (read only) Player type.
containerVersion Player String (read only) Container version number.
context Asset TimeContext (read only) The asset's local TimeContext object.
contextTime TimeContext Number Current time of the context.
contextType Asset Number Type of the TimeContext for this asset.
culling Material Number Type of culling to use.
cursor Mouse Number Cursor type.
cursorOverride Mouse Number Override cursor type.
diffuse Material Color Diffuse color.
diffuse Light Color Light color.
duration Music Number (read only) Length in seconds.
duration Sound Number (read only) Length in seconds.
emissivePower Material Number Intensity of emmisive power.
endLifeTime Asset Number Ending time of the asset.
expFade Light Number Exponential fade-off speed.
fillMode Material Number Controls solid/wireframe/point display.
fogColor Camera Color Color of the fog.
fogEnable Camera Boolean Use fog?
fogFar Camera Number Distance to fog 'white-out'.
fogNear Camera Number Distance to start of fog.
fov Camera Number Field of view.
g Color Number Green
groups Node Collection (read only) All groups attached to this object.
height Image Number (read only) Height of the image.
height Layer Number Percentage height of the scene.
id Asset Number (read only) Unique ID for the asset.
id Scene Number (read only) Unique ID for the scene.
jumpTime TimeContext Number Total time length.
jumpTo TimeContext Number Time to return to when looping.
lastGlobalTransform Node Matrix (read only) Cumulative transformation applied to this object.
layers Scene Collection (read only) All Layer objects in the scene.
length Collection Number (read only) Number of items in the collection.
lights Node Collection (read only) All lights attached to this node.
linearFade Light Number Fade-off speed.
lookAtLock Camera Boolean Always look at the same point?
lookAtPoint Camera Vector Location for the camera to look at.
loop Video Boolean Should the video continuously loop?
loop Sound Boolean Should the sound continuously loop?
loop Music Boolean Should the music continuously loop?
loopPresentation Scene Boolean Should the presentation loop?
mappingMode Image Number How to display the image on the material.
maps Material Collection (read only) Images in this material.
materialMode Image Number How to use the image on the material.
materials Model Collection (read only) All materials for this model.
maxTime TimeContext Number Ending time of the context.
minTime TimeContext Number Starting time of the context.
models Node Collection (read only) All models attached to this node.
mouseEvents Behavior Boolean Does the object to which this behavior is attached respond to mouse events?
music Asset Collection (read only) All Music objects attached under this asset.
name Asset String User-defined name for the asset.
opacity Material Number Opacity of the material.
opacity Node Number Opacity of the object.
orthographic Camera Boolean Use orthographic rendering?
parent Asset Object (read only) Parent object of this asset.
paused TimeContext Boolean (read only) Is the context paused?
pivot Node Vector Pivot point location.
pivotU Image Number Horizontal UV pivot location.
pivotV Image Number Vertical UV pivot location.
pivotx Layer Number Horizontal pivot location.
pivoty Layer Number Vertical pivot location.
platform Player String (read only) Mac/Win OS.
platformVersion Player String (read only) OS version.
position Node Vector Location of the object.
positionU Image Number UV horizontal offset.
positionV Image Number UV vertical offset.
presentation Scene Presentation (read only) The currently-active Presentation object.
r Color Number Red
rate TimeContext Number Playback speed.
realTime Presentation Number (read only) Current time.
remoteSource Video String (read only) URL to the source for the video.
remoteSource Music String (read only) URL to the source for the music.
remoteSource Image String URL to the source for the image.
repeatU Image Number Horizontal UV scale for tiling.
repeatV Image Number Vertical UV scale for tiling.
rotation Image Number Rotation in degrees.
rotation Node Rotation Rotation of the object.
scale Node Vector Scale of the object.
sounds Asset Collection (read only) All Sounds objects attached under this asset.
source Light Number Type of light.
specular Light Color Highlight color.
specular Material Color Specularity color.
specularEnable Material Boolean Enable specularity?
specularPower Material Number Sharpness of specularity.
startLifeTime Asset Number Starting time of the asset.
tilingModeHoriz Image Number Horizontal tiling option.
tilingModeVert Image Number Vertical tiling option.
transparentBackground Layer Boolean Should this layer obscure layers behind it?
type Asset String (read only) Type of the asset.
type Scene String (read only) The string 'Scene'.
version Player String (read only) Version number.
visible Image Boolean Apply this image to its material?
volume Sound Number Loudness of the sound.
volume Music Number Loudness of the music.
volume Video Number Loudness of the video's audio track.
width Image Number (read only) Width of the image.
width Layer Number Percentage width of the scene.
x Rotation Number X-axis rotation.
x Mouse Number (read only) X location.
x Layer Number Percentage across the scene to draw.
x Vector Number X location.
xWidth Window Number (read only) Presentation width.
y Mouse Number (read only) Y location.
y Vector Number Y location.
y Rotation Number Y-axis rotation.
y Layer Number Percentage down the scene to draw.
yHeight Window Number (read only) Presentation height.
z Rotation Number Z-axis rotation.
z Vector Number Z location.