SVGEvent in SVG 1.1

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Inherits from:

Instance Properties

name type description
bubbles Boolean (read only) [from Event]
cancelable Boolean (read only) [from Event]
currentTarget EventTarget (read only) The object to which the event handler was assigned. [from Event]
eventPhase Number (read only) When/where did the event take place? [from Event]
target EventTarget (read only) The object which caught the event. [from Event]
timeStamp Number (read only) Date/time that the event occurred. [from Event]
type String (read only) [from Event]

Instance Methods

name returns description
initEvent(eventTypeArg,canBubbleArg,cancelableArg) (none) Initialize the event object prior to dispatching it. [from Event]
preventDefault() (none) [from Event]
stopPropagation() (none) [from Event]