myFolder.getFiles( [ mask ] ) in Photoshop DOM

Get all files and folders inside this folder.


mask String [optional] The search mask to use.
Return Type


The mask is the search mask for the file names. It may contain question marks and asterisks and is preset to * to find all files.

Alternatively, a function may be supplied for mask. This function is called with a File or Folder object for every file or folder in the directory search. If the function returns true, the object is added to the return array.

On Windows, all aliases end with the extension ".lnk". This extension is stripped from the file name when found to preserve compatibility with other operating systems. You can, however, search for all aliases by supplying the search mask "*.lnk". This is NOT recommended, however, because it is not portable.

The return value is an Array of File and/or Folder objects that correspond to the files found.

If there is no folder corresponding to this Folder object, null is returned.