GetSVGDocument in SVG 1.1

Interface specified in SVG1.0, existing solely for its single getSVGDocument() method.

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Instance Methods

name returns description
getSVGDocument() SVGDocument


In the case where an SVG document is embedded by reference, such as when an XHTML document has an 'object' element whose href (or equivalent) attribute references an SVG document (i.e., a document whose MIME type is "image/svg+xml" and whose root element is thus an 'svg' element), the SVG user agent is required to implement the GetSVGDocument interface for the element which references the SVG document (e.g., the HTML 'object' or comparable referencing elements). For example, using JS:
<iframe id="foo" src="my.svg"></iframe>
<script type="text/javascript">
	var svgDoc = document.getElementById('foo').getSVGDocument();